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  1. When we lived in southern California I (Linda) served on 4 juries in the 80's/90's: 2 were memorable. 1) Defendant, who appeared to be in his 40's, in a DUI represented himself by showing up in jeans & a T-shirt with his pack of Camels rolled up in his sleeve a la 1950's bad boy. Unfortunately, due to the arresting LEO bumbling the sobriety testing process we were forced to let him off. 2) A very involved 8 day Civil suit resulting from a traffic accident had the plaintiffs suing for $5 million. Plaintiffs attorney dressed to the hilt w/Gucci watch & probably $500 shoes. Defendants attorney was a clone of Steve Martin who's sport coat sleeves missed his wrists by a mile. One of the many "expert" plaintiff witnesses appeared with a 6 hour presentation including detailed 3D drawings/video. (This person also testified in the Rodney King case.) We ended up awarding $13,000 for verifiable expenses!!!! The Pomona court traditionally invited jurors to talk with the attorneys afterwards to see what led them to their verdicts, Five of us met with the defense team who shared that the insurance company had offered a $500,000 settlement....which was refused cause they "could get more from a jury". We all felt really good about verdict. Plus it was an incredible learning experience.
  2. Keeping in the medical line. Is it possible to get maintenance meds sent to an Escapees address that will then be forwarded on request? We don't have our mail service account set up yet, so if this is covered in materials issued I apologize.
  3. Is this 72 hours pretty much enforced? When we hit FT status next year (yeah, our departure is going into yet another year 😪) I expect we will "meander" our way down to Livingston or Tyler area where my son is. It may take 3-4 weeks to get from the border to one of those locations.
  4. Thanks for all the GREAT input & detailed info!!!! We're still mulling on the facts. Might, "maybe" go with front hitch & get our bikes tuned up. See how that goes, at least in the beginning. Who knows? If we did later switch to foldable we'd just leave our current Trek bikes at my sons place in TX. But thanks AGAIN!
  5. Looking for input. RAM 3500 w/5th wheel so no room for bikes to be upright in the truck bed. A::: If you have FOLDING bikes what brands/model? Pros & cons please? B::: Anyone have a rack for front mounting on pickup truck for traditional bikes? I had never heard of this til "AStreaminLife". He seems to swear by it. MUCH thanks!
  6. Curious as to what FT'ers actually have found necessary to carry with you? And do you carry any originals? Or are they copies? Are there docs you only have scanned copies of? I'm thinking maybe pertinent medical records only need to be scanned? We expect to have some things in a storage unit in the Tyler, TX area that my son who lives in Hawkins will have access to. Deciding what needs to go where. A--Vehicle titles? B--Birth certificates? Social Security cards? C--Marriage? Divorce documents? Have I missed anything?
  7. Bought our Ram 3500 diesel dually heavy duty (BAT= BigAssTruck) new in 2012. Purchased in Elmhurst, Il. & during purchase there was some discussion between employees/phone calls to determine "class". This vehicle was a one of a kind & we were told we had "great timing as they never have equivalent vehicles on the lot'. It was registered as "F" on the plates. Fast forward just over 2 years from purchase & hubby was stopped by LEO in Downers Grove for failure to display our inspection sticker. What inspection sticker? Turns out "F" plates require inspection every 6 months: lights; safety; flares; etc. We have been camped near IDENTICAL trucks purchased elsewhere in the state with NO F status. Hoping our inspection next month will be the LAST!!! And we'll be gone & registered in Livingston by end of May. I know I could call to Livingston for clarification but does anyone have knowledge on this? Is there any sort of equivalent class class since we'll be coming in with IL title as an F?
  8. Years ago we were tent camping at Turkey Run SP in Indiana & heard a ruckus during the night. When we woke we had to hunt down our propane bottles- it looked like the raccoons had been practicing punting with them. We're looking forward to doing some boon docking when we get out FT next year. There's just so verymuch to see.
  9. SWharton...20 library cards...how do I accomplish that? When we leave the S&B next year I'll still have 2.5 years on my local library card for digital/audio use thru Overdrive. And we'll be residents thru Escapees to get a Livingston Library card. In this area, Chicago suburbs, one needs a physical address to get a card. Also looking forward to the free libraries in campgrounds...choose a book in Missouri & trade it in for another in Kansas.
  10. Thanks for the input: been periodically watching both your posts & blogs for about a decade & hope to meet you all in the future! Glad Tyler is getting positive reviews. We've been in the Chicago suburbs for 23 years & before that lived between LA & San Bernardino so we're looking to be away from that constant congestion & madness. We're tired of living where the burbs just go on...& on...& on... There seem to be numerous Texas SP not too far away making doable drives into Tyler for appointments, etc. Insurance wise I'm covered by Medicare & BCBSIL Plan F. Larry will hit Medicare in Aug, currently BCBSIL PPO.
  11. Been to Rainbow's End twice & liked the area. We're about to set up Escapees for our mail service. We will be hitting the road next year & proceeding to register vehicles & get our DL in Livingston...basically become residents of Polk County! But the availability of doctors & some needed DME items seems pretty minimal there. Question is: if ones address/domicile is Livingston (Polk County) will there be a problem if returning to another area for medical/dental/etc? Right now it's looking like Tyler (Smith County) will better meet our needs. If I remember Kirk & Pam fit in this scenario (I'm sure along with others!) & just curious if there are any issues we might expect.
  12. Just went to the license link.....& discovered there's a Polk County in Oregon too. lol
  13. Want to have a blog/vlog when we go FT early next year to keep in touch & share our journey with friends & family. (Not looking for an income stream or 1,000's of hits) I've checked out some books at the library, but I'm just NOT getting the knowledge I need. "Choose your platform"...Yeah, right. Considering a 3 hr class at our local community college. Anyone have any resources? Suggestions? We run Apple everything.
  14. I've not been able to find info on where/when the 59th Escapade will be held....??? Isn't it usually announced before or at the closing ceremonies?
  15. New Mexico used to offer a discount pass for State Parks that I believe got you 50% off nightly camping fees. Although at first glance it seemed kinda pricey I think we calculated that 14 nights would be the break even point. I haven't checked to see if it's still offered, but has anyone ever used this? This has been on our dream list for ages! My son is in Texas, hubby's mom & siblings in California, & my best friend from high school in Ohio lives in the 'boot heel' of NM so we anticipate LOTS of time spent in NM. we see this pass (IF still offered) as a great addition to time spent at Rainbow/Skip Parks in the Southwest. BTW while on our 2 month maiden voyage 2 years ago we stayed at JoJoba Hills, Rovers Roost & in Yuma---we are hooked.
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