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NEW Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plan!

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If you have read my Medicare for RVers page then you know that I generally do not recommend Medicare Advantage plans for fulltime RVers because of the network restrictions associated with these plans. Instead I usually recommend Medicare Supplement insurance plans, also know as Medigap insurance for fulltime RVers as they provide excellent nationwide coverage with little-to-no out of pocket expenses to the insured other than your monthly plan premium.

However, there is one exception to this: Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans for Medicare enrollees. Although this is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan (Also called Medicare Part C) it does not have the same network restrictions that is typical of MA or MAPD plans. In fact, the one I am recommending allows you to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Until now these plans have not been available. Starting October 15, 2018 we will have one available for January 1 effective dates!

There are NO NETWORKS to worry about with this plan so you are free to receive care wherever you want to nationwide. As long as the provider participates with Medicare then you are always considered in-network!

Oh, and it will be a $0 premium plan :)

Details here at RVer Insurance Exchange

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