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How to Determine Hotspot Usage?

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For the past month, I've been using my iPhone as a hotspot for some part of every day.  I do check MyVerizon to see my usage.  My usage exceeds the 10GB auto speed reduction but I have not noticed the reduction.  I can say the usage is not shown on the hotspot as that still shows 10GB/!0GB meaning 10GB available at 4G speeds.

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10 hours ago, eddie1261 said:

Are you using the term hotspot in a context where you have a Jetpack and are calling the Jetpack a hotspot, or do you mean you are tethering devices to your phone?

No, I'm talking about using my phone (or my tablet) as a hotspot...I don't have a jetpack.


10 hours ago, eddie1261 said:

Since your devices connect to your phone as if it were a wifi router, the only data connection is by the phone, so I don't know that there is any way to separate the tethered usage.

Yes, there is as I discovered.  On our devices (two android phones and a tablet), I go to Settings > Data Usage > Mobile data Usage.  I can then see the total GBs used to date on that device and the amount of hotspot usage for that device (found under Mobile Hotspot and Tethering).  For example, so far in this billing period, I've used a total of 9.79GB with 3.04GB of that as hotspot usage.  Once I get close to 10GB hotspot usage, I switch to my tablet as a hotspot.  That usually happens about a week prior to the end of the billing period.

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