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  1. We have two old dogs that we need to check on often. Both the festivals in Blythe, CA and the one in Lake Havasu are really good. Dry camping at both but really close to the venues.
  2. Merry Christmas from the Dixon's to all our classmates. I hope 2019 is a fantastic year for all of us.
  3. Linda - I can't believe anyone was offended by your need to charge your batteries at home. The older I get, the more I need that also. I was usually the first one to leave the campfires and go home because that was all I could handle. We enjoyed the time you spent with us and hope you realize that we consider you and Dave our friends.
  4. We are also staying close to home this winter. Our trip East about did us in and I really don't want to go anywhere. But I'm sure by next May I'll be ready to hit the road again. 28 is way too cold. I'm freezing and we're in the 40s at night.
  5. Toni - so sorry we won't get to see you guys this year. But I totally understand life changes. We are back in AJ - four and a half days from Atlanta to home - 500 miles a couple of days and 400 the others. Right at the moment I hope we never move again. LOL Still trying to get stuff moved from the Bungalow to the Cottage which is a chore. And changing three time zones in that short period of time has really messed me up. And the pups. They want breakfast at 4:00 in the morning. Good grief.
  6. I'm going to try that. We're in Virginia and we've been using the soap and water spray. I'll add this dryer sheets to the mix. Between them and the gnats I'm about ready to lose it.
  7. I didn't know how to get the Lavins picture on here so Linda and Dave helped me out. We had breakfast with them this morning and had such a fun visit. They are doing really good and are happy to be off the road. They just got back from an Alaskan Cruise and have already booked their next cruise to the Caribbean. Living the good life. Thanks for meeting up with us.
  8. Moved a whole 60 miles south to Mechanicsville, VA. Hope to see the Lavins while we're here.
  9. We are in Fredericksburg, VA and settled for a week at the Moose. We will be visiting family as well as doing some sight seeing while we're here. Then we move down to the Richmond area. Got wet yesterday while hitching and unhitching but still not really having fall weather. Not much color in the trees yet.
  10. I love quirky little museums and we found a couple today in Logan, OH. The pencil sharpener museum and the washboard museum. The washboard museum was in a factory where they actually make washboards and you get a tour. Lots of fun.
  11. Motorcycle races here at the fairgrounds tonight. Definitely loud. Went to a great museum today - the Bicycle Museum of America. It was really fascinating to see all the different bikes. They have over a thousand but only rotate about 300 of them to see at a time.
  12. Sue is right - Denise died from her brain cancer last year. I'm feeling much better but I can't get rid of the stupid cough. I think it's all the humidity in the air that I'm not used to. It was 99 percent this morning here in Celina, OH. And foggy. Went to the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum today. We're still headed east. Won't make the westward trek til November. Jim has a race car to drive in Atlanta the end of October.
  13. The weather was so lousy and we've been to Wall Drug so many times, we just hunkered down at the campground. Tonight we're in Mitchell and we're also not going to go see the corn palace. Been here several times. And I'm fighting a cold so staying home.
  14. We made it to Wall, SD - windy and windy and windy. Hopefully no storms coming through. Further east tomorrow.
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