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  1. gathering information probably around 10K to 12K
  2. What is the best hitch for a travel trailer if cost is not a constraint?
  3. Has any one had any experience with Artic Fox 5thwheels. Good bad or indifferent.
  4. Another learning question. Looking at different hauler beds for cab chassis models I see different cab to axle lengths example 60, 84 etc. What are the disadvantages/advantages of a short cab/axle length vs a longer one.
  5. What is the advantage of using a gooseneck over the king pin and regular 5th wheel hitch.
  6. Stopped there one afternoon to ride out a windstorm. We through the visitor center and then back to the rv. Wind was rocking us pretty good. Decided to go south a couple of miles to Terry Bison Ranch campground. Spent the night there ate bison for dinner had a great time. Continue the trip the next morning passed two TVs in the ditch on the side of the road. They .just have thought they were better drivers than the really were.
  7. Used to have large rubber jack pads we got of aa places camping world. They were made of recycled tires and worked great with our class A dp.
  8. Most places were more interested in a credit card to guarantee the reservation than the lisense number.
  9. Hi, we are considering getting a 5thwheel. Everything I keep reading makes me convinced I will need a class A non commercial license. My question is how do you practice and take the skills test if you don't own the 5thwheel and truck, but you can't drive the 5thwheel and truck without the lisense. We are not new to rving but new to 5thwheels. Our last rv was a 40' class A that we towed a car behind. No need for the non commercial license. I have looked up rv driving schools and everyone will teach you in your rv. Thanks Chris
  10. Thank you for your write up. I have a question. What do you tow it with and how happy are you with the tow vehicle?
  11. The Lippert website touts the qualities of both in wall slides and through the frame slides. But I am still not seeing the benefits of one over the other. I believe the through the frame slide and through the wall slides are the same.
  12. Hi, reading about slide units I see there are several types. The first one is the in wall vs through the wall. I thought all slides were both in and through the wall. What is the difference between the two classifications and which one is newer technology and your opinion as to which one is better and why. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. When changing a domicile is it really that important to actually change banks as opposed to just update your address with your bank. The reason I ask is with interstate banking, electronic banking and atm networks how often do any of us really go into a bank. Or is the comment to change banking just left over from the last century?
  14. dosbeagles


    This is what I had kinda figured but wanted to make sure my thinking was correct.
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