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  1. We are looking for a message system that can be run on 3 or more TVs in out club house. It would be use to show activities, schedules, pictures and messages for our members. A message bar system would not be something we are looking for. I've tried google, but it keeps come back to message bars. If you have seen such a system or know of some park what has this type of system, let me know their name or company. Thanks Bob .
  2. I was hoping someone could show me how to make an excel file to figure at percentage. Example $300.00 at 18% annual, then what the interest would be each month that the 300 is due. out to say 5 yrs. Bob
  3. Update to Park information. We have just added a new 3000sq Ft activity building, which has a 5 table pool room, an additional room, that can be divided into two rooms. We have also remodel the main club house, increased the library. Moved and expanded the workout facility to it own building. The HOA dues will remain the same at $300.00 a year and all facilities are debt free. The park website www.hvrpoa.com At the top click on new building and a dropdown will appear with pictures. Asking price remains the same. $85,000
  4. http://s1018.photobucket.com/user/rearnold50/library/Texas Mobile Try this link Bob
  5. I found the problem earlier today. If you go to your Avatar and click on it it gives your email as dgxo1@yahoo .com instead of dgxco1@yahoo.com. You should have your pictures by now. If not check your spam folder. I sent 3 sets of pictures. Bob
  6. dgxco I tried to send you some pictures at your email address at yahoo, but they bounced back. sent me a good address an I'll send you the pictures. Bob
  7. dgxco The place is for sale and is rented to a friend of mine. He knows that if the place sells before Dec he would have to rent some where else. Also if I sell the place during the time he is renting it, he would have to move. All of which is no problem for him. I will also send you the pictures so time to day at your email address. Bob
  8. Alex I will send you more pictures on this place, within the week. Currently not at home. They will be the insides of the mobile, Texas Room and Storage. The Mobile is furnished. I have it rented from Dec to April, but with the understanding that If I sell it, then they have to move out, or the new owner can rent it to them, If the new owner so desires. They are good friends of mine and have no problem with this. Bob
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