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  1. We’ve been out of the HDT and RV business since 2012.  We enjoyed RVing,s “Overkill” and “The Funhouse” for 7 years.  Then in 2012 we learned to sail and have enjoyed some wonderful times on the water in sail and powerboats.  But now, in 2019, we’re moving back to another HDT and a toyhauler.  Assuming our health holds as is, we thing we’ve got another 5 or 6 years.

    Sailboat is on the market and when it sells, we’ll be in the market for a used rig.  


  2. Leaving Hopkins, MI today for Clay's RV Pk, in N Lawrence, OH, just south of Akron. We're there for 4 days and then making our way to Smith Center, KS for an appointment at the Excel Factory.
  3. Well, thought I'd join in. Jo and I are in Harrodsburg, KY visiting friends in Wilmore. Headed out tomorrow on our way to Gettysburg, PA via a one night stop in Sutton, WV.
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