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  1. maverick_935

    dash cam, back up cameras

    anybody find a good, reasonably priced, dash cam, backup camera for the hdt
  2. maverick_935

    freightliner hitch plate

    I understand the twist. do I put an air ride pin box and or a different hitch. looking at hitches now that I can bolt to the frame plate
  3. maverick_935

    freightliner transmission issue

    long story short. speed sensor bad and wiring issues that weren't sealed completely all fixed
  4. maverick_935

    freightliner transmission issue

    anybody have a meritor 10 spd that went stupid. was fine then check transmission comes on dash and now no movement for ward or back
  5. maverick_935

    freightliner hitch plate

    can find any topics on this. at this time I plan on using the commercial plate on the truck. is this a good idea? was thinking on putting on an air ride hitch on trailer to help with bounce. any thoughts on hitch. ok to keep or replace. thanks
  6. maverick_935

    hdt help ontario, canada

    what do I say to register it as an rv at motor vehicle. what does the truck have to have
  7. maverick_935

    hdt help ontario, canada

    anybody help guide me thru registration and insurance in Ontario. would like to be an rv but can have it as personal use. I searched site first