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  1. I live near Belleville Ontario. thousand island crossing would be the closest
  2. they told me they don't ship up here. nothing in Canada that I can find
  3. maverick_935

    buddy ii ramps

    trying to order MF2-14438-SC buddy ramps from discount and they don't ship to Canada. does anyone know where else to get these from in Canada or shipped to here
  4. looking for someone carrying a 2 door jeep angled to help with the measurements designing s deck and questioning my measurements
  5. thought the early ones were 102" ish
  6. would someone remind me what year smart car can go sideways on back of hdt. the newer ones are 106"
  7. does anyone have any input on buying a campground membership looking at reduced costs at campgrounds while travelling south in the winter thanks, Mark
  8. at what point in years is it best to sell or trade in your trailer for new one. value keeps decreasing year by year
  9. looking at heading to BC for the winter. Anybody give recommendations on fulltime campgrounds in lower BC. leaving late from Canada. what is the best route across the states to the west coast so I can go back up to BC. travelling across Canada that time of year not the best idea thanks
  10. plate on frame rails done. rails installed about to install a new 25k curt hitch. what height should the head be at for my fifth, my 1 ton seems high in number but I want the trailer level or a little nose up
  11. anybody find a good, reasonably priced, dash cam, backup camera for the hdt
  12. I understand the twist. do I put an air ride pin box and or a different hitch. looking at hitches now that I can bolt to the frame plate
  13. long story short. speed sensor bad and wiring issues that weren't sealed completely all fixed
  14. anybody have a meritor 10 spd that went stupid. was fine then check transmission comes on dash and now no movement for ward or back
  15. can find any topics on this. at this time I plan on using the commercial plate on the truck. is this a good idea? was thinking on putting on an air ride hitch on trailer to help with bounce. any thoughts on hitch. ok to keep or replace. thanks
  16. what do I say to register it as an rv at motor vehicle. what does the truck have to have
  17. anybody help guide me thru registration and insurance in Ontario. would like to be an rv but can have it as personal use. I searched site first
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