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  1. East Coast Rally December Update

    Unless something major changes I will be the #11 first timer. I would like to use your services as well Bill. I have no idea what this rig weighs loaded and would like to know if my axle's are all even and how I am side to side.
  2. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    Just for a example I have a 2018 48' New Horizons and a 2018 Volvo to pull it and I am under 400K total. For that price you could get into a mid level typical (not Prevost) 45' bus, say a Entegra Anthem, a Newmar Dutch Star or Mountain Aire with a hefty discount. While those are certainly nice they are far, far from top of the line. You pick from their pre existing floor plans and from a few color choices and you are done. I designed every inch of my 5er. I pick the kind of wood the stain the appliances the furniture and the location of everything. To be able to do the same thing with a bus I would have needed to spend 900K-1M with Foretravel of which I am about 500K short. As for my Volvo it is 21-1/2 feet long which is the exact length of the 3500 crew cab long bed Ram that I just sold. I paid $118K for it which was the proceeds from selling my house and Ram. I take it to the grocery store to get a hair cut and to Costco. No harder to park than a dually pick up. Smart cars and Fiat's are cute but you are rolling the dice with your life every time you drive one. If I was unable to stay in my trailer because of repairs I would just get a hotel room. I just don't see that happening very often.
  3. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    I will call them in the morning. That is just what we needed. a affordable place that is quick and easy to get to. Thanks! Glenn Are you going to be there tomorrow night?
  4. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    Well I think we will stay somewhere around Tyler as it is almost exactly half way. Park suggestions? I will check the HH guide and Google maps.
  5. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    Well that gives me a bunch of options. Thank's guys!
  6. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    Yes I could have done that and thanks for posting that. Since I was asking about the roads as well as a place to stay I did not look there. I was also hoping that maybe someone knew of a place to just stay quickly like a safe rest area or similar.
  7. Place to stop half way to Austin?

    We are going to leave Hot Springs on Sunday heading down to Austin. We want to split the drive into 2 days. Does anyone know of a good spot to stay about half way? It could be an affordable RV park or even just a safe place off of the highway as it will be a quick overnight. Also I have heard about some issues with 30/35 but can't remember where the worst trouble areas are. One person did say to go through Fort Worth instead of Dallas on the 35W but that looks to be much farther. I really don't care how we go as long as we avoid tight 2 lane's.
  8. Miller insurance company

    I have been dealing with Miller for the last year or so and they have been great. I have been working with Roxanne lately but everyone there knows what they are doing. I called a few others but Miller has been the fastest and easiest to deal with.
  9. East Coast Rally Update

    I called and got my name on the list for a spot. Glad I did as there are only a few left. So to register for the rally aside from the RV park is $45.00? I do not have a need for any of the seminars...They are all about topics that I am well past. I just want to hang out and talk to people about their rig's and ask questions. Is this ok? I am thinking we will ride our bikes and maybe put our Kayaks in the water during the day (weather depending) and talk/drink later on. Is this a reasonable expectation? Now that I have my own rig I think I will feel more comfortable than I did at the national.
  10. Lowering the exhaust stack yourself

    Why would the exhaust pipe create a dust problem? I have the factory "weedburner" option and don't have dust issues??? The air purge valve is the big dust maker not the exhaust. As for pissing people off, maybe the pre emission peeps could have a smoke issue but not someone with a 2013....they are smoke free!
  11. Help Me Spend My Money

    So why use a propane dryer when this entire trailer is designed for the sole purpose of generating electricity? It has a big generator, big battery system with 3 inverters and can plug into 50 AMP plus it is going to have a large solar array...with all of that juice why use the one thing you cannot regenerate to power your dryer? BTW, The 10Kw and 12.5Kw gen sets are the same size and weight. They just cut the output 2.5Kw which does not result in a huge fuel savings. The 8Kw is a significant drop in size, weight and fuel consumption. It is a good compromise between the small propane units and that large heavy 10-12.5 unit.
  12. Meeting Fellow HDT'ers

    Hi Cory, I have been following your adventures but can't remember if you have a 5er yet or just the truck? BTW-List what you do have in your signature. Makes it easier for us with crappy memories to remember your situation. I am a truck driver and am still a little nervous. Freight trailers are a little more forgiving in that if you were to put a small scratch or dent on one it will usually blend in with the other scratches and dents
  13. National Rally

    We are in Manhattan to be close to Junction City. If you wanted to pass through here on your way we would be glad to show you our rig.
  14. National Rally

    We are in Manhattan to be close to Junction City. If you wanted to pass through here on your way we would be glad to show you our rig.
  15. National Rally

    I did not make it by your trailer. I really wanted to but like I said we had to get back to get the poopy dogs. (They come first in our household). It is so hard to do this rally without a trailer... I did it last year in a hotel and it was hard and I stopped by this year and it again was challenging. I was not going to be worrying about coming next year but with a bunch of you being friendly and welcoming as well as Cole needing a helping hand I will probably try to make next years. (I may need a security detail to protect me from Phill) but we just want to see and experience cool things and have fun with our new lifestyle! I have been sooooo busy the last few days. We fought off basically a hurricane but kind of a Thundercain with sideways rain to get to KC to get the Volvo and get it back here so Henry could get our hitch installed. Henry has spent the better part of two days getting the hitch installed as well as get the wiring done. He is finally heading home to Davena tomorrow. We are so darn close now. 1-1/2 weeks and we are outa here!!!...I don't want to bragg about our trailer that NH built.....so I will let jack do it for us: We put our soul's into this and it is finally coming together!