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  1. Well, I pulled it off today (lack of room to remove it forced me to take it off in two parts (3 of 4 bolts snapped off in the exhaust housing when removing the can, but will deal with those Thursday) Soon as I got it off, the shutter pulled right out, Looks like it was snapped off halfway up the rod? (This would account for the problem I had this spring if the shutter moved and got pinned closed temporarily). I have had my epg disabled for the last almost 2 years so the warmup don't concern me too much. I also have been running the egr delete from otr for the last 3 or so years (works great). I am somewhat ok with just using the engine brake only and not the epg brake so I may just make a plate up and delete it for now until I get stateside again for a cheaper rebuild kit on it. I will look for the restrictor as well. I just got it off and had to leave so I never had any time to snoop around it yet. I also finally pulled off the compressor to replace my rusty inspection plugs (found a machine shop that makes them on an as needed basis for a Volvo dealer here). While under there, I am replacing most of the exhaust pipe under the cab (leave it to me to do three projects at one time) lol.
  2. Had an issue with my EPG shutter awhile back and had the shop temp disabled the airline to test it. I was happy with the engine braking (one stage was disabled) and never bothered to fix it. This spring it was stuck again and noticed the baffle was really loose. I was going to get it rebuilt, but has anyone removed it instead and any concerns with doing so? I was thinking of popping the can off and cutting the shutter out to prevent any future restriction. (This would save throwing $1000 into it as the baffle/shutter is bad and they were not sure if the valve was causing the origional problems). Does anyone know if I will have any future problems by cutting this out? Thanks! Jason
  3. Bump? Anyone know what is involved.. Hoping to tackle this next week.
  4. Hi, Been a crazy summer so far, haven't had a moment to work on the truck yet, but I need to pull off my compressor soon to repair a drip from the bottom (Have jb weld on the "frost plugs" but still dripping a bit so want to fix it for good). NOW.. How much of a pain is it to take these off? I saw RandyA's post about it and wondering if anyone has any hints/tips to do it. I am guessing it is a bit more complex then just removing the rubber lines and unbolting the few bolts.... Does the coolant need to be drained? etc? Thanks Jason
  5. I remember watching that video before but forgot about it. Thanks! I like the fiber washer idea lol
  6. I think that is some of my problem, I only wait a few seconds ago most before trying to engage. I do floating all the time and only a few times had to give a slight depress to break torque to pull out of gear. I think I killed the brake the first time I drove it by putting the clutch down switching from 1 to 2 without thinking when I first got it. But not sure job easy the last owner was on it. Thanks
  7. Well, A bit confused at my clutch.. 13 speed Eaton Fuller. Last fall I had it at the volvo dealer for a quick maintenance adjustment when they were doing the computer reprogramming.. They said the clutch was seized and wouldn't adjust it. Clutch has about 300k miles on it but from eastern Canada. It has an ONE piece brake. Second shop had no problem adjusting it the best they could (due to the brake wear) and said I needed a new brake as my old one is missing a pad on one side and needs to be changed asap before it wears the nose cone. - They said if needed, they could put a thicker brake in. They couldn't get it into the shop at that time before I was leaving the state. Third shop, I went to get the brake changed and they said the clutch was gone and it would be a waste to put a new brake on as it would only last a few uses.. Took the truck back to the park and parked it until I need to make the trip home (2000 miles) this upcoming Thursday. I priced the replacement and can get it replaced at a shop I use at home for about $800 cheaper then locally here. My plans were to stop at KYClutch on the way home and pick up a rebuilt clutch/bearing/2 part brake then get it installed at home. I decided to have a look at it today and I can't really see the clutch friction disks, but I do see the clutch brake. It has the friction pads on the side facing the clutch/throw out bearing and couldn't see the other side, I did feel and look at the nose cone, I don't see any wear on it. (Clutch looks like it is adjusted to the 1/2" spec) I have not felt the clutch slip at all at any time driving, the reason I originally had it checked out was that sometimes it lightly grinds when first putting it into gear, but not always and that I wasn't sure when it had been adjusted last. (Since it was there getting the speed reprogrammed, I thought I may as well get it adjusted for maintenance). It has the hydraulic clutch and a few of the places were talking about how much of a pain it is due to the opening, so I am wondering if they just didn't want to deal with the mess of cutting it off? lol Question is: Since I have not ever felt the clutch slip, should I bother replacing it? I agree I do need a clutch brake, but unsure about what the third shop meant by the brake would only last a few times if replaced.? If the clutch was gone, wouldn't it would start slipping when accelerating? I put about 5,000-10,000 miles on it a year. Trying to debate if I should get the rebuilt clutch on the way home and by the time I install it, I could be up to about $1500-2k, vs $200 for a brake cutoff/install. Hate to bother replacing the clutch if there is plenty more life in it especially for the amount we drive it. Thanks Jason
  8. I have my 670 singled long with a 13,200 front axle. Hitch is a few feet behind the rear wheels. Pin weight is about 2200# IIRC. The weigh station slip for mine with 1/2 tanks of fuel and a smart car sitting behind the cab on a 2000lb flatbed deck. Steer 11,260 Drive 14,520 Trailer 11,300 Gross 37,080 trailer sticker shows GVWR 14,165 When we get home, I plan on getting it weighed without the trailer attached but smart loaded then again with smart off. I am curious how my weights are and if I can somehow squeeze a jeep on the back on ramps. I have about 13ft of space from the back of the cab until I encroach on the trailer space needed for turning.
  9. Well, I went to the new Braunfels location. Was followed by a guy while I was looking for a empty pump. He told me that I wasn't allowed and had to leave. Informed him I was allowed by the owner and assistant manager. He called the manager who came out with another lead. He said that I can't be there. Showed him the Email from the head office and also what his assistant manager said. He looked and soon as he saw a flatbed he said that we were allowed. I was approached 2 times afterwards lol. Had a quick chat with the manager and lead afterwards and they said a few Bucees do have HDT parking and they see a good few here during rodeo times. The lead asked why I didn't come in with the car on it as she would have liked to see the setup. But it was a costly stop, I put 150 fuel in it and the wife spent 130 in store while I was pumping the fuel......
  10. Well, I was driving by the New Braunfels Bucees today with the smart car so I stopped in and asked for the manager, A leader came up and explained him what I wanted, He called for a store manager. A younger guy came out and soon as I showed him the email and the truck picture, he said "No", but soon as I said it was an RV and that it was singled axle, He said "Yes, no problem". I explained about these threads and he said him and the other manager actually was discussing this recently after another truck pulled in. They said they have no problem with them at the New Braunfels one as long as this one requirement is made.... It needs to show RV somewhere on the outside, He said we may still be approached but as long as they see the words RV they will be happy. He said the HDT is no different then a dump truck as far as layout (I am guessing they are allowed). He also said they have no problem fueling up either. He said the New Braunfels was their biggest location and we are welcome there if it shows RV on it. So next one you pull into, tell them they are allowed in New Braunfels if they show RV on the side somewhere....
  11. Well, I sent a long email yesterday with links to this thread as well. I did receive a response back at 5:31am saying "Yes Rv’s are very welcome" so I responded again thanking them and that I hope that the staff at each bucees will agree. I have emails on my phone and will take it with me.. Wifey wants me to go ahead in the smart car and show it to the manager first.. The kids have been wanting to go but haven't been able to since we would need the HDT. If the location don't agree, I will get the name of the person who refuses and contact Buc-ees again. They are loosing out a lot of business due to miscommunication between staff and head office. I am also going to send him a picture of our setup. Jason
  12. Get the slide strips you lay down before pulling the slide in. I learned the hard way about not knowing about them. A few nice scratches and need to replace a few sections of flooring.
  13. Get a lot of thumbs up from truckers and a few conversations over the Cb about how the setup works, always have people stopping to chat when we stop for supplies or fuel. We were boondocking once at Walmart and when I was out doing a walk around checking straps, etc a police officer pulled up and said he loved our setup. Same goes for campgrounds, some just look and others want to know everything about it. Always call ahead and make sure that they can accommodate your rig.
  14. PEIFamily

    Loosing air

    Thanks everyone. I was worried it was still excessive. The fan clutch was replaced just before I got the truck. One place I never checked yet that was mentioned, my air seats. I have 5 air swats in it and I will pull back the carpet to listen. The carpet or underlay likely would muffle it if there was a leak there at any fittings. Thanks
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