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  1. G&K

    Just a friendly reminder

    Thanks Jesse. We're all good. Still waiting for Rocel to get her Permanent Resident Visa for Canada so I'm coming back on my own for now. Sure am going to miss the Philippines. Love it here even if there are no RVs!! Geo
  2. G&K

    Just a friendly reminder

    Thanks Jack. On a plane tomorrow morning. Its going to be a scramble to find somewhere to live and a job. Geo
  3. G&K

    Just a friendly reminder

    I try for 7 seconds Jack as we are usually so heavy and I so don't want to be doused in liquid Nitrogen. Back in Canada on the 9th. Job hunting then. Jumped back here today to see how folks were coping with Harvey. All the best, Geo
  4. Thanks guys!!! Good to be back. Plan on working into breakup in April, then back to the Phils to maybe September, then back here with the family for a few years split between Canada and the Phils. We have family both here and there so splitting our time seems to make sense. I am very fortunate that Essential Coil Well Service wanted me back. Lots of changes, but so far they are all good. Having fun and learning something new each and every day!! Geo
  5. After propping my flipflops on a beach in the Philippines since April 7 2016, I find myself roping a Nitrogen tanker at 56,500kgs loaded around northern Alberta and BC again. lol What is old is new again. Unfortunately, they pretty much won't let anyone over 60 back into the Middle East after the last slowdown and I'm still a couple of years short of my pension. The boss is still in the Philippines and I miss her and being there. We hit -42*C a couple of weeks ago and this is NOT what I'm used to. lol Geo
  6. As Rogers says, I'm still in the Philippines. Terrible Internet connection, 1-bar on 3G at the house. Its "unlimited" but you get throttled over 800MB per day or 3GB per month. Nice in the cities where you have LTE though. All for about $25US per month. I'm back on the 25th and have lots to catch up on. Hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. Geo
  7. G&K

    Photo bucket problem

    Puzzling. I've never seen a problem with the .img copy. It's going to be interesting here tonight.
  8. I will come back with more detail. Currently in Vancouver airport on a 10pm flight to Manila. I like warm but this is going to be hot. 30C feels like 35C. But I don't have to do pre trips. Lol Geo
  9. These are quad-core. 1gig of RAM, 16 gig flash. We are using the manufactures Android release with a custom ROM. I wouldn't try a compile as the system level add ons for the radio tuner are not available. I expect by the time I'm happy with the system we will be on Android 5.x with 2GB of RAM. Geo
  10. Its coming pretty well. CoPilot Truck is simply awesome on the 1024x600 7" screen. Very hi resolution, no lag, clear instructions. Runs audio instructions in the background just great while another app is running in the foreground. Music muting for GPS instructions works very well and is fully adjustable to suit. GPS performance is excellent. All the mainstream GPS apps like Waze work fine if you want to run something instead of/in addition to CoPilot. Backup camera for the radio unit is normal analog, probably about 480 lines vertical. Quite nice but not Full HD. The reverse sensing works great, runs off the reversing light power. Music is muted while reverse is selected, again adjustable. FM Radio is fine and stored music playback, either on a MicroSD card and/or USB memory stick is excellent. Video playback is great, again either MicroSD or USB stick. Netflix works too if you are on good WiFi. Both WiFi and Bluetooth work well. Bluetooth hands free phone works well, your phone directory is downloaded to the head unit for easy dialing. Music muting works properly with a phone call in either direction. Dash cam works OK, I still have more work to do on this. The weakness is in the apps available. Same goes for Lane Assist, Lane Departure. So that is still a work in progress. Good quality USB cameras are not too easy to find either. I have the mapping worked out for the Volvo wiring harness, including both the standard audio system and the premium audio system with power amp and subwoofer. I'm on hold until the new year as Rocel and I are heading to the Philippines tomorrow for a mid-winter break. Some warm weather will be welcome. I wouldn't be surprised if we have Android 5.1 to play with when I'm back in the saddle. I know its close. I'm quite pleased with the Teclast X98 Pro Android/Windows 10 dual-boot tablet we sourced. Really nice display. Once I'm back I'll get the 1080p cam setup going and will be able to set up a multi-cam display on the tablet. I'm looking at a snap-in or mag mount for the tablet on the front of the dash just above the current Volvo radio. I'm thinking initially about being able to handle swapping between 5 cameras with a big main view and the others in thumbnails. Just touch the thumbnail to bring a different camera into the main display window. There is no real reason not to mix and match applications between the tablet and radio unit. They both run Android, they both talk to Play Store so an app like CoPilot can be run on anything you own, and the only big hardware difference is the radio has a physical FM/AM radio tuner built into it. Other than that you can choose where you run to run your Nav app, and where you want to display the cameras as they are WiFi connected. In a campground you might want camera views on both units for example. Geo
  11. Paid by the mile is not conducive to safe operations in bad conditions. LED tail lights are HORRIBLE in the snow as there is not enough heat generated to keep them clear. Geo
  12. G&K

    Muffler for generator

    It should work OK Roger as you won't be running both at the same time. Once you knock most of the noise down with a small muffler or two you should be able to route it up the truck exhaust. Only thing to maybe be concerned about is blowback if the cam in the generator has enough overlap to allow the inlet and exhaust valves to be open at the same time. Easy to address that concern with a ball valve in the generator exhaust where it enters the truck exhaust. Geo
  13. G&K

    Muffler for generator

    Roger, do you still have the regular exhaust, or is yours a weed burner? If it is the vertical exhaust I would at least consider tying into it after you knocked the high frequencies back with a small muffler. Geo
  14. G&K

    Smart car incident

    I drove a RHD Mitsubishi Delica 4x4 diesel van with zero front crumple zone and hit a bear on Hwy 11 south of Gravenhurst at 60mph. Did 4500 bucks damage but aside from that not a big deal. For the bear, not so good. That van was a LOT less safe than a SMART but it was great fun to drive, particularly in the snow. Drive what you drive and enjoy it. Geo
  15. G&K

    Smart car incident

    Crash energy is absorbed by crumple zones, and absorbed through airbag systems, and remaining occupant velocity is left is going to be absorbed by a seatbelt system or the occupant hitting a hard object in the worst case. There are all kinds of clever tricks to mitigate the effects, but the fact remains that a Smart doesn't have a huge frontal couple zone so there are some inherent disadvantages that have been mitigated by an bag full of state of the art design. That said, you can only take the lack of a larger crumple zone so far, particularly at higher velocities. It's the sudden stop that does the damage so designers try to prolong the collision event to reduce the g-load on the occupants. A larger crumple zone makes it easier to prolong the crash. If we're finished with the 1950s slurs and the rant allegations it's really quite an interesting subject. Geo
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