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  1. That’s the process most people likely go through. As for me, I don’t claim more intelligence, just a different life experience that helped me make a good decision for my situation. Even though I felt I was doing a decent job planning my retirement, I felt for my financial situation it would be best to buy one unit that would be paid for and last me through my retirement years. I think becoming a long haul driver and living in a space smaller than most people’s bathroom with my late spouse gave me great insight. I learned I don’t need as much as I thought I did. Over time I learned how to optimize the usage of space. I see some features in various units that I doubt are a good idea in a vehicle that will be moving. Even with my OTR experience I purchased a 25 ft used travel trailer (not an AS) that was in good shape for less than 5k to live in for a year so I could be certain the reality was as good as the dream. If not we could have always have used the TT for vacations, fishing trips , and the like. I did learn somethings living in that little trailer such as no matter how spiffy the lobster sinks look, I would not be happy without double sinks in the galley.
  2. What it lists for and what the buyer pays are two very different things. With that said I thought OP was asking about the decline in the club membership and decline in attendance at the rallies. I think the sales are still strong for new models and many buy previously loved units. Let’s not forget the vintage units that are restored/renovated.
  3. I attended the rallies with a AS chapter in Texas. Haven’t attended a national rally as of yet. There has been some controversy over how the officers are elected (the officers nominate one person for each position and the members get to “vote” for that person) along with other issues. The Texas chapter was all about having fun. Hopefully, the controversies will get resolved and the club will thrive again.
  4. I like being alone as well. I plan on living in my AS until I go into assisted living or start wearing diapers again 😁. Don’t know which will happen first!
  5. I think being a full timer is different for everyone. I consider myself a FTer . I live in and travel in my AS when I have home time. I am still employed full-time as an OTR driver. The AS is my only home and has been since 2006. My thoughts were it would be more prudent to go FT while employed since I am on the road for work. A S&B house just didn't make sense. Also, I could pay for and customize my unit before retiring. I think it is the best decision I ever made.
  6. I have a 2006 Airstream Classic LTD. Absolutely love it. It is well built and tows beautifully. I call it my rolling condo. I have customized it to my liking and with proper maintenance and upkeep it will probably out last me. I always loved the classic cool look of Airstreams and dreamed of owning one . Now I do.
  7. Hello! I can't seem to figure out how on earth you did that! LOL

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