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  1. That's an automatic drain. The wires are for a heater so it doesn't freeze in winter and prevent draining. Not it has a petcock so can be drained manually. IIFC it works on pressure like a relief valve so it cycles. It can be totally removed and replaced by manual valve but then you have to crawl under to drain. You can't used the front of the wet tank because it has a small built in "ping" tank for the dryer regen. Also that should be on the front "wet" tank. The primary and secondary tanks have drain valves on the outside that have to be manually drained during pre-trip.
  2. 800-330-9707 Www.apolllohalftimeoven.com If you actually call them they are very helpful but it looks like you already trashed it. There are no other choices for a 24" convection oven except one branded Franklin which IIRC was pretty expensive compared to Apollo. I think Apollo still makes a 24" model that would fit the existing space.
  3. The note only applies to the Fabex and Lippert model numbers with the asterisk.Not the entire chart
  4. MorRyd has 4 rubber springs for these hitches. Part#s: RPB77-005-03, 04, 05, 06. I think only the last two would be of use here. The -05 is for 14k-18k and the -06 for 18k and over. I think it has the -05 currently. In looking at the chart it looks like Leland/Dexter used a 14" wide box and all others are less (12..5" and under). Because there are not many Leland/Dexter frames around I would think this would have to be modified by having new side plates cut and drilled and replace the originals or possibly just "pack out" the inside of the box to adapt to the trailer stub. This seems to be not a big deal for a weld shop or someone with the skills.
  5. I think it's fixed. Please let me know
  6. ray.service

    Straight Pin Box

    I've added a MorRyd (short/straight down) rubber pin box to the "RV Accessories For Sale" forum. I know a few of you are/were looking to get rid of the extended pinboxes on the FW so this might be an option. It was on a Leland/Dexter frame and is 14" wide but this should be simple to narrow as most others are narrower that this one. I've also got a frame mount FW hitch with 3 receivers that's based on a 12K Curt weld-up and a swivel wheel motorcycle carrier that I'll be posting as soon as I can get some pics.
  7. I have a MorRyd short rubber pinbox for sale. It came off a Jayco with a Leland/Dexter frame. Original retail was about $900 and this short version is no longer available. https://goo.gl/photos/TeYUG8vgQCvgcJxC6 If interested call or text 6o5 - 2 one 2 - 5 five twentyfour Asking $200 plus shipping or you pick up.
  8. FS1 for sale. Go to RV Accessories For Sale Forum. Post is HDT and RV Stuff
  9. Text me at the number in the ad. I might be able to help you out.
  10. been corrected in original post 6 zero 5 –2 one 2 - five 5 twenty-four
  11. Been corrected in original post 6 zero 5 –2 one 2 - five 5 twenty-four
  12. Listed various things for sale in the "Accessories For Sale" section now that we are no longer on the road and truck/trailer is sold.
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