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  1. i know someone with a DPF (new) for sale
  2. They have been working on this for 2 years so it's not a response to Freightliner.
  3. I'm going to try this. A friend did this to his 3126 Cat motor and he picked up a gear on the big hills around here. Boost jumps up 2-3 lbs as soon as it comes on.
  4. The seat belts are made by IMMI
  5. I printed the whole thing out for my book.
  6. After talking to a local DMV office they had the Manager over CDL requirements, weights and measures call me. You do not have to have a CDL to pull your camp in the state of va. He said only Commercial vehicles require a CDL. He also stated the CDL book tells what is required but doesn't list the exceptions for that you must use the definitions. He gave this info: VA code 46.2-341.4 this is a snip of it Commercial motor vehicleā€¯ means, except for those vehicles specifically excluded in this definition, every motor vehicle, vehicle or combination of vehicles used to transport passengers or property which either: (i) has a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds; or (ii) has a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds inclusive of a towed vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds; or (iii) is designed to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver; or (iv) is of any size and is used in the transportation of hazardous materials as defined in this section. Every such motor vehicle or combination of vehicles shall be considered a commercial motor vehicle whether or not it is used in a commercial or profit-making activity.The following shall be excluded from the definition of commercial motor vehicle: any vehicle when used by an individual solely for his own personal purposes, such as personal recreational activities;
  7. You messed up NEVER ask for permission, ask for forgiveness
  8. They just pop out
  9. they come in 1,2 and 3 openings. I have just the usb charger ports for the back seat.
  10. I bought one of these. They're made in several forums. Amazon, ebay less than $18
  11. Just a question how can anyone pull a triple axle car trailer with a dually and be legal ? They will be over 26001 gross. Every single one of them.
  12. Nothing is soldered from the factory in a Volvo. We never solder anything on race cars either makes the joint brittle. **** Use a GOOD set of crimpers**** not the $10 pair. Also use the naked ends and dual wall heat shrink. DO not use the crimp/low temp solder/heat shrink connectors EVER. We wired a Turbo car completely with these and had to cut everyone of them back out.
  13. WAYTEK wire has what you need
  14. I'm going down to check this out