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Purchasing with a Michigan "Scrap" Title?


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Does anybody here have experience with Michigan scrap titles? Note, this is not salvage.

I'm looking at purchasing a 30' bunkhouse trailer for a massive discount. Has some minor damage to the front. The insurance company deemed damage over 91% value, and issued it a scrap title. Scrap titles are technically not supposed to be registered for road use. 

I have many years experience professionally fixing all types of damage to RVs, no questions there.

My question is, does anybody have experience getting a former scrap vehicle registered/ titled in Michigan? With assembled title or some other designation? I'm not interested in resale value, this will be for personal use only.

There will be no major structural repairs or changes, I will be fixing it back up to OEM specs.



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What is the difference between a scrap title and a salvage title in Michigan?
Salvage-titled vehicles may be rebuilt for on-road use (See Section 5-7 for more information). Scrap-titled vehicles cannot be rebuilt for on-road use. They can only be used for parts or scrap metal.
Good Luck with that

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