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iPhone envy? Here are 3 iOS 17 features already available on Android


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June 8 - Apple's upcoming iPhone version brings improvements to how you text, call, and use the ambient display -- much like what's already existed on Android."


"This week's WWDC saw Apple unveil a slew of software features coming with the latest version of iOS, 17. It's still in beta, and iPhone users will have to wait until September before they can enjoy the official version, but Apple traditionally has done a trusted job of rolling out the features it announces half a year early to most iPhones on the market.

If you followed the keynote or started to see TikToks on what's new for iPhone, then iOS envy can be real, very real. But if you're an avid Android user, should the upcoming iPhone features warrant a change of heart? If the below features are new to you, then probably not. Because what's hot and fresh for the iPhone might already be available in the palm of your hand.

1. Live Voicemails

Not everyone has the bandwidth (or wants) to take phone calls. Spam numbers are running rampant, sitting through elevator music for the next available representative is never fun, and more often than not, a text message gets the job done.

That's why Live Voicemail, an iOS 17 feature that transcribes what a caller on the other end is saying without you needing to pick up the phone, drew "oohs" and "ahs" at WWDC.

But if you're on a Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy, there exists Call Screen and Bixby Text Call, respectively. Both Android features allow you to screen incoming calls, transcribe messages in real-time, respond via text-to-speech, and switch back to a voice call when you're ready to pick up the phone.

To enable Call Screen, open the Phone app > tap on the More icon (three dots) > Settings > Call Screen > and toggle the feature on. To enable Bixby Text Call, open the Phone app > tap on the More icon > Settings > Bixby Text Call > and toggle it on. The next time you receive a phone call, your phone should give you the option to use the call-screening feature.

There are some other unique aspects to the two like the ability to automatically block spam calls in Call Screen and being able to replicate your voice via AI in Bixby Text Call.

2. Auto-deleting used verification codes

One of the many quietly-released features on iOS 17 was "Clean Up Automatically," which auto-deletes multi-factor authentification (2FA) codes shortly after you've pasted them into a text field. It's a nifty trick that can clear up your phone's storage, little by little. 

And guess what? Android's got it too. Within the Messages app, tap your profile picture > Messages settings > Message organization > and then toggle on Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hrs. 

OTPs, or one-time passwords, can clog up storage, especially when you consider how many apps and services now require you to copy and paste codes to log into accounts. Turning this feature on deletes those codes 24 hours after you've used them.

3. StandBy Mode

One of the features that caught my eye at WWDC was StandBy Mode. When the iPhone is locked and docked on a MagSafe charger, it displays useful, glanceable information like the time, weather, smart home status, and even Live Activities. The iPhone effectively doubles as a smart display.

A similar feature exists on Android, though it's not as detailed. Setting a Google Pixel on a Pixel Stand (2nd Gen), for example, prompts a Google Photos carousal, smart home controls, and more. On a Samsung Galaxy, you can set the always-on display to appear in landscape orientation and change the clock style to present your upcoming meetings and a calendar.

While Apple is playing catch-up here to Android's existing ambient display modes, you have to appreciate how much thought was put into StandBy, including how the phone will recognize which MagSafe puck you snap it to and adaptively populate the previously-used overlay."



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