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Where to look for used RV's/Thor Outlaw


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I currently have a 30' Gulfstream B Touring cruiser, it works out pretty well for my family when we are on vacation.  My problem is that sometimes I work from home while we are on the road and I need a separate space.  I have found the Thor Outlaw 29J that has the perfect floor plan for what I need.  I can use the garage as an office and an extra sleeping quarters when the older kids are with us.  With the added bonus of solving the problem of taking my motorcyle (KLR Dual Sport, so pretty small) while pulling a TOAD.  I have looked at RV Trader and searched Craigslist.  Are there other places that I might look?  Any experience with the Thor brand?  I'd really like to have the Class A Outlaw but looking at over $100k for even a used one and that feels like a lot of money to have in a rapidly depreciating asset (not that $60k for the class C is much better).  Input appreciated.

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