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We are experiencing an oil leak. Lovely gentleman in Great Falls says he couldn't get us properly done and back on the road until Monday at earliest but we have medical appointment in Yuma this upcoming Monday. He is waiting for a temporary silicon seal around the front gasket and oilpan exterior to dry right now and says we should be OK to travel by keeping eye on things.

Appears we need a front gasket and the oil pan seal is leaking also. 

To that end we will need to find someone with a "Fair" door rate, we are heading south down I15, intending to stop at Pocatello tonight, then on to Mesquite, before heading down towards Yuma for Monday. We are after Yuma heading towards Phoenix, Tucson and then on in to New Mexico to spend some time fishing before, having to be in Las Vegas by 7th June to meet someone.

Can anyone help with recommending a good, reliable quality of work independent maybe that we could contact to hopefully get booked in advance on our route.

So very much appreciated. Need to be able to handle 36ft Workhorse 8.1 Gas Engine Motorhome.

Thanks again in anticipation for a recommendation. We also aren't sure which state would offer the better door/hourly rates being Canadian and we are aware it's not the parts that are going to cost but the labour intensiveness of this type of repair apparently.

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