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Need advice and help with a problem quickly


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A few days ago regarding my TRC surge protector buzzing. This all started when I plugged into shore power using a dog bone to covert the plug and coach cable to use 15 amp shore power for using the lights in my coach. It turns out the surge protector is shot. I removed it and wired temporarily around it.

We are now at my brother in laws for Thanksgiving and I have once again tried to use 15 amp shore power. When turning on the "store" button on my battery monitor. The lights go off instead of staying on with shore power. I then remembered to choose 15 amps on my Xantrex Remote. Upon doing that, I still get nothing, no shore power voltage. So, the coach continues to run on battery inversion. I could start the generator and it still powers the coach so the transfer switch is operational

Upon finding the surge protector bad, I used an 8 gang buss to attach the shore cable to the coach until I can find another surge protector.

I need advice and help as I cannot run the generator at night in this neighborhood.

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Sounds like you might have an issue with either the dogbone or actual shore power cable plugs. If you have a multimeter I would check continuity on the dogbone and then on the shore cable's male and female plugs. It could be due to a resistance build up or possibly a loose connection in one of the plug ends.


If those check out, I would inspect and clean the male plug leading into your rig and double check your distribution panel connections.


All of that, of course, is assuming you've already checked the 15amp plug for power.

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Voltage and amperage of the 15 amp shore power checked out with a good multi-meter. The cord is rated for 25 amps construction grade. I do have a 2000 watt Xantrex inverter/charger that requires you to switch between supplied amperage's. Would it only let you use battery power when 15 amps is plugged into the coach? If so, wouldn't I see a "float charge" applied to the batteries?

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