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downs sizing from 39' to 33'


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We are getting ready to down size from a HDT pulling a 39 foot toy hauler about 19,000 lbs loaded. We have been very happy with this rig, but just don't use it enough to justify it. I drive a ford single rear wheel 350 and hope to pull next camper with it. It is rated 14,000 bumper pull and 16,000 fifth wheel. I have had experience pulling a 26 foot toy hauler with a SRW chevy 2500 and had no problems. I have found two campers that have similar floorplan, both have an open area allowing room for the toys. The travel trailer(Stryker 3316) weighs in around 9,000lbs. the fifth wheel(Shockwave P33sagdx) is about 12,000 empty. I figure about 3,000 lbs max cargo load at any time. I haul two harley's and a golf cart. I see the pros of the TT as still having room in the pickup bed. My only fifth wheel experience is with the HDT. The con to the TT is its overall length of 38 feet resulting in the rig overall length of 60 feet. The fifth wheel rig overall length would be around 50 feet. The pros would be the shorter length and the better handeling, the con would be extra weight and loss of pickup bed storage. The big question is weather the extra hauling space in the pickup's bed is worth the extra overall length and handeling of the TT. I thought that a lot of folks on here might have moved from TT to 5th wheel to provide insight on this and to other trade offs which I am sure I haven't thought of.


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