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  1. Hi all, I will keep this thread updated with the outcome. I'm moving forward with the process of writing a Demand Letter for settlement. Working with the insurance company to date has been a poor experience, there are many damages they do not include as part of their assessment. Hoping my lessons learned can assist others in a similar situation where they are not at fault.
  2. Thanks all, at this time the At Fault Driver's insurance company (Progressive) has said they will be working with me on repairs. I'm planning to bring my RV to a repair shop to assess the damage and have a quote prepared. I have my full-time RV insurance through "National General". My insurance company is aware of the damage. At this time i'm planning on requesting the following additional damages from the at fault policy holder outside of the auto/property damage and vehicle repair costs: 1. Loss of Use Claim - Determining the number to request. Once it's in the shop and unavailable as sleeping quarters this would be at 100% of daily rate for a class B RV rental of similar year. About $150.00 - $200.00 per day.This percentage can be adjusted for days its drivable as a vehicle but not livable as an RV (temperatures dropped, has been very cold these past few nights). 2. Diminished Value Claim -- there appears to be a calculation for this, but would require the repairs and an appraisal to be completed. Somewhere between $2,000 - 3,000 appears to be the average for cosmetic only damage to a $20,000 blue book RV. Thank you, please let me know if there's any other requests I should be making of the at fault policy holders coverage. You all have been helpful. - R
  3. Thank you Twotoes -- I do have a full time policy on myself, but have been trying to work through the at-fault insurance company first. I've simultaneously filed a claim with my own insurance as a backup (they are aware i'm in process with the other insurance company). I'm trying to have them understand the full-picture before offering a settlement. I have not considered "loss of use" claim. I'm currently insured with Nation General and they haven't been the best in my opinion, any recommendations for better full time RV insurance moving forward?
  4. Hello, I've been a full-time RV'r for over 3 years now, but recently experienced my first RV related auto accident. I'm trying to navigate this on my own using resources available online but i'm finding it complex, hoping that some of the other full-time RV'rs can help with sharing their experience. I was parked in a parking lot sitting in the rear living quarters area of my RV (Class B Roadtrek) when the earth shook. Another car had rolled back into the side of my RV with me inside it. Full damage is still in progress of being accessed, but initially visually they appear to of hit my propane water heater area, damage side fiberglass, side paneling, clipped the bumper, etc. This occurred in the state of Nebraska, a state that designates "At Fault" for auto accidents. I contacted the individuals insurance company (Progressive) and I will be working with them to resolve property damages, injury, etc. (the policy holder is at fault in these circumstances, I was parked). My RV is my primary home and my primary vehicle. Once it's in the shop, I won't have a place to live or a car to drive. Would the at fault driver's insurance company be obligated to cover these costs as well? It seems like they should have to cover this in my opinion, its more complex than just an "auto accident". Are there other considerations I should be negotiating with the insurance company? (ex; Diminished value, vehicle had a perfect record before at fault driver's vehicle hit my RV, this will drop the resale value without a doubt). What happens when an at fault driver damages a Full Time RV'r's home and only transportation? Any input is welcomed! - R
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