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  1. I just remembered that I promised to write a model of my grill - Weber Original Kettle 22-Inch
  2. Wow, 14 years is a great grill life! And I could not think. What dish do you cook most often on your grill?
  3. Oh, I remember choosing between Weber Q1000 and my model. There was a choice because friends advised the model Q
  4. I read all the messages in this topic, but I still can’t understand what are you talking about. I correctly understood that you are discussing a certain method of cooking meat? Perhaps someone has a photo of the cooking process or a link to a step-by-step recipe? I'm already too interested to give it up.
  5. My Weber is with me for 3 years and still looks like new. There are absolutely no complaints about his work. We love to gather around it with our family in the evening to make a delicious dinner. And on weekends sometimes neighbors come to the aroma for us. So I am delighted with the grills of this company, he became our best friend. I don’t remember the model right now. As I look, I will add to this message.
  6. I agree with Kirk W about under sink water filter. We have been used our filter for 3 years already. It was iSpring RCC7. Now want to change on Hansing Under Sink Water Filter. Our friends’re using this one. I searched the internet the information about it and other models and found this page with rating of water filter. What do you think, maybe it would be better to choose the other one?
  7. Yes. Do you have a questions about my writer's routine?😁
  8. Hi! I'm new on this forum! Decided to start with introduing I'm a writer. Not popular yet) But it's enough for the present go to travel for all summer with my child and husband. We always look forward to summer and the time when we become RVmens😀
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