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  1. I also use free Malwarebytes, works well. Also I started using vpn to keep my data safe. I found info about one reliable service here https://veepn.com/ and decided to give it a try. Nowadays it's the only way to protect your privacy online.
  2. it seems to be interesting. Thanks for sharing..
  3. Unfortunately, healthcare system has a lot of issues nowadays, such as lack of the proper management of medical equipment and avoidable harm of patient. Last time along with my colleagues we found ultrasound transducers from Japan at https://bimedis.com/search/search-items/ultrasound-ultrasound-transducers for our clinic in Denver. I'm sure that it's necessary to order medical equipment only at reliable services to prevent the high risk that medical devices being used without evidence of adequate training or maintenance. Hope in future these problems will be solved.
  4. kellyon

    Alaska 2017

    I want to visit Alaska next year. I guess it will be amazing trip.
  5. I use OnePlus 3T and completely satisfied with its work
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