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  1. Oh and Second Chance, everything else seems to normal as far as the electrical is concerned.
  2. Thanks for all the replies and sorry for the late response, I do have a meter and I checked my battery (group 27 12V DC) it measured 12V. If Im not mistaken that amount of charge would be low, possibly at 25%. So before I go any further I need to make sure the battery is still good, and yes I am trying to get setup to boondock at some point.
  3. Hello All, I am new to the forum so please bare with me and I'll try to make it quick My wife and I are full timers and reside in a 2019 Sanibel 3402 and are park hosts in Texas, we have been on shore power for the past 3 months with no issues, Recently I noticed that when I turn on my main living area led lights my battery indicator reads 1/3rd charged but when those particular lights are off it shows full, would anybody have an idea of what might cause this. Im thinking converter. Thanks
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