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  1. Well it seems that after ignoring the suggestion for over a year, it's time I considered cataract surgery. Since we are full timers and in south Texas for the winter, McAllen & surrounding areas look like the place to get it done. I'm interested hearing from anyone who has experiences or suggestions about a doctor or clinic to avoid or to use. Your help will be greatly appriciated. Gary
  2. How/where do people get those USA maps with state stickers to use in a posting signature?
  3. Last fall we were working as camp hosts in southeast Georgia at a state park. It was our third winter away from snowy Indiana in our Jayco and we loved it. It might have been over a cold beverage sitting around the campfire that my wife pointed out states that we need to visit & camp in to fill out our USA & Canada map with stickers. Pretty soon the talk got serious about how we could make that possible. It would require becoming full-time RV'ers. Done. We decided to go to Texas to establish domicile and a Texas address from Escapees Mail Service. Done. In April we returned to our Indi
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