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  1. GLN

    Cleaning a DPF

    I was told by the service manager, at the dealership that I have had work done at, that a manual regen will not be allowed until all fault codes have been cleared.
  2. GLN

    Sudden Slow Start

    I have an 09 with the d13 engine which also had a leak in the manual fuel priming pump which caused slow starting and required priming at times also. I had the fuel filter head/primer replaced and it seems fine now after 300 km. I have to say though that I could tell it had a slight miss or at the least sounded like it was running lean. When I did prime it there was fuel leakage around the primer while pumping.
  3. bm0 - nice looking website! Willy Mammoth isn't to shabby either!
  4. Raymond, I can't speak for Dawson Creek but usually "Card locks" in Saskatchewan and the ones I have been to in Alberta only accept the "Card lock card" - essentially it is just a credit account set up at the fuel supplier and billed out monthly.
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