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  1. We've moved down to Monroe, WA. We're staying at Thunderbird RV Resort - it's a Thousand Trails park. Nice park. TREES all around - nice big ones. Gordon & Juanita - Midway RV Park in Centralia is a nice park and the restuarant next door (Judy's) is a great place for breakfast. We'll be here until the 25th when we move down to the Auburn area for Memorial Day weekend.
  2. We had a hard move this morning - all of 10 miles! And we did it on Dave Time. We are now in the Sedro-Woolley City RV Campground - nice little park with level pull through sites for $15/night, 30 amp and water. And it is real close to my mom's new place. We spent 4 days in Burlington at the KOA before moving over. Not a bad KOA as they go. They were booked for the weekend so we moved on over. And I think my mom is really tickled that we are staying in the city park - sort of hometown pride. We're going to take her geocaching tomorrow - there are about 20 caches in this little town and I think she will get a kick out of it. She is 85, but as sharp as can be and very independent. Next Tuesday we are moving down to the Monroe, WA area for about 10 days to spend some time with my sister. Actually we are just moving about every 7-10 days finding places to stay that are close to some relative and then exploring the areas to see what has changed in 40 years. Can't beleave it has been that long since we left. Sun is out, I've got broadband service with the air card, a full wine rack - what more could we ask for?
  3. That was quite a price jump for the Napa Expo - I'm not sure $35.00 is something we would do, no matter how 'convenient' the park is. I knew they were going to raise the rate this summer when the new area came online, but $15/night jump is awfully steep. It isn't the number of caches you get, it is the fun of finding them. Remember that - and just don't get ahead of us!
  4. We're now Driveway parking at my brother-in-law's in Centralia, WA. Will be here for a few days then north to see my mother. We figure on being in the PNW until about September - depending upon our whims. Hope to see some of you this summer as we wander about - no real plans except for finding enough caches to stay ahead of Gordon and Juanita!
  5. We've moved up the Oregon coast to Lincoln City. There is only so much wine, cracked crab, and great friends that one can take. We will be here for 4 days (on limited rations after all of the food with Gordon & Juanita) and then head to Washington and some driveway parking at one of Dave's brother's house. For anyone coming up the Oregon coast - Winchester Bay RV Resort is a great place to stay.
  6. After the two Irish Coffees, I am amazed that Gordon could see the red hair - - I sure couldn't!
  7. We are now in Winchester Bay parked right across from Gordon & Juanita. Gorgeous day today - beautiful park right on the water. Couldn't ask for anything more. Plus we dispatched one of those extra bottles of wines that we have - must ligthen up the coach! Gene & Shirely - on your way through Tennessee make sure you stop at Raccoon Valley SKP Park - really a nice park and easy to access from I-75. Barb
  8. We are now up in Fortuna - only so much wine tasting can one do before the liver is going to rebel. We have several bottles of wine and not enough room in our wine rack - hope Gordon and Juanita will help us drink some when we get to Winchester Bay next week. Hiway 101 is a little rough in parts. Thought we would get farther today but by 2:00 pm we were beat, so decided to stop here. Will see in the morning if we feel like moving are staying put for a day.
  9. We spent today with our friends tooling around San Francisco in a Mustang Convertible. The sun was shining, a few billowy clouds high in the sky, and we're out there having fun. Life doesn't get much better than this. Our only problem right now is that there are SOOOOO many wineries around we can't possibly stop and taste at all of them - plus there is the fact that there is only so much wine we can carry. Just means we will have to come back again.
  10. We are now in Napa, California ready to bend our elbow and hit as many wineries as we can over the next week. We had quite a trip from Pahrump - - THE WIND I thought we were going to get blown away when we stopped overnight in Mojave. Yesterday morning they issued a high wind warning for Hiway 58, so we detoured a little south and then up to Fresno. And wouldn't you know it, every time we turned, the wind shifted into our face. We came up 99 - the section of I-5 we were on south of Bakersfield was a washboard - figured 99 couldn't be any worse. Was actually not to bad, and we did get to see more towns, etc. We are staying at the Napa Expo fairgrounds in downtown Napa. $20/night with full hookups including 50 amp power. Trees overhead, an elementary school (so it will be quiet at night) on the west side, really nice. And they are putting in a new RV park with concrete pads that should be finished by this summer. Really a nice place to stay while touring the area. We will be heading up the coast next week and going to try and get to Seattle by Mother's Day. It has been 41 years since I spent Mother's Day with my mom - figured it was about time.
  11. We spent today geocaching with Joe and Nancy Liston. We're in Pahrump, Nevada and found 9 caches today - that should put us over 100 found! We also did some wine tasting with Joe & Nancy on Saturday. Wind finally stopped blowing all of the time and it has been really pretty. Heading for Napa Valley next Sunday.
  12. We finally made it to Pahrump today. Wind is really blowing! We had thought we would try and stay in Vegas to go to our concert tomorrow, but everything (and I mean everything) was booked. So we will drive over tomorrow afternoon and back after the concert. Going to get together with Joe and Nancy this weekend and tour the winery and do some tasting!
  13. All right - that's enough. Everyone quit having so much fun until we can get done with (shudder) REPAIRS! All of a sudden the coach wouldn't start from the chassis batteries, had to boost with the house batteries. We did all of the trouble shooting we could think of, Dave was checking batteries, etc. We decided that we would replace the chassis batteries (they were very old), but that didn't help. So we made the trip back to Phoenix to have Cummins look at the coach. All the while knowing that when they found it, it would be small. Sure enough, it was in a cluster of contacts that Dave couldn't get to. Since we were here, we also had them change oil/filters/and lube. And either the stars are in the correct position or something, but in doing the inspections and replacing filters, they found the hangers for the air intake assembly had cracked and would likely have let go, resulting in BIG $$$ repair of the engine. Seems diesels really like to have their air clean and cool coming in. What is it they say, pay me now or pay me later? Well, we leave here a little lighter in the pocketbook, but hopefully avoiding a disaster out on the road somewhere. So we are headed back to Las Vegas so we can go see Candy Dulfer (Jazz saxaphonist) this weekend and then start our treck towards wine country.
  14. We will all be able to say we knew Jeff when....
  15. Joe and Nancy, We will be at the Charleston Winery RV Park in Pahrump from the 25th to the 1st of April. Will let you know when we get there. We just moved from Mesa up to Page Springs RV park in Cornville. Have Oak Creek babbling about 100 feet from the front of the coach. Really neat to hear this afternoon. We got to spend some time with Robert and Shelly this past weekend - - we took them to a SF Giants spring training game with a great 9th inning win for the Giants. And then they took us for Sushi! It was good to see them again. They are staying in a great park, Mesa Spirit. We were at Mesa Regal. Really nice park but big - 2000 spaces! Only problem was that most spaces were filled with Park Models. Dave enjoyed the spring training game and is hinting that all three teams that he follows (SF Giants, Seattle Mariners and Texas Ranges) have spring training in the Phoenix area, so I have a feeling I know where we will be spending the month of March next year. Hope it isn't as hot as it was last week.
  16. We're also going to be in the Pacific Northwest for June - August. So where are we going to get together?
  17. That's how many registered. But I know several that did not get started in '06. Things came up - just the nature of things.
  18. Well everyone, we are now in Mesa. The Life on Wheels conference was not that good in my estimation. Part of the problem is we have been on the road awhile and a LOT of it was geared to people who haven't bought a rig yet or are JUST getting ready to fulltime. We are at Mesa Regal RV Park until Monday and then head to Oak Creek Canyon. And who turned the furnace on! We shivered for weeks and weeks and then bam - HEAT!
  19. Dave and Diane, Be on the lookout for Duane and Louise Wegley. There are also Class of '06 who were not able to make it to Q. They left Benson this morning for Casa Grande. We had a great visit yesterday and then ran into them at the Safeway in the afternoon - so naturally after we both filled our shopping carts we went out to eat!
  20. We are now at Valley Vista in Benson, AZ. Yup, were back down in Benson for a couple of weeks before the Life on Wheels in Tucson. We were going to do LOW last August, but a little thing called MH REPAIRS got in the way, so we rescheduled for Tucson. Sun is out, wind in blowing and it was a little cool last night. But we have a great view of the mountains from the front window, and desert out the back for Shadow to walk on. Crunchy - welcome to the Class of '06. Where are you now and where will you be heading. You never know when one of us will be in your area!
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