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  1. I use Firefox. I never have these problems being described.
  2. well if that *were* true, I would agree with you. But it's not true. Facebook blocked the spread of a liberal article because a conservative told it to https://mashable.com/article/anti-conservative-bias-facebook/
  3. If it were me, I would start by deleting all 'rvnetwork' cookies. Then log in again and see how it goes. If you have any extension that has privacy-related settings, or space-saving settings, anything that deals with cookies or caches, it is conceivable that this might cause the site to not recognize or remember you. That's all I got at this point
  4. Are any of these other sites also using the 'Invision' community software? The problem with text messages is that you can't see facial expressions. I doubt that Kirk was being snarky, but he'd have to clarify that. *I* didn't take it as snarky, but more of trying to word the question differently. If it's the forum, but only a few are having the problem, then it does make it seem like the few are being singled out... Logins are controlled by cookies. Since the forum isn't filled with threads full of people complaining about this issue, and since you are using the most popular browser on the planet, I'd focus in on your individual cookie settings. Don't forget to check for any extensions that might mess with this as well.
  5. As a former I.T. guy, I'm going to have to agree w/ Kirk. It has nothing to do with being *defensive* - he's merely pointing out that if 2-3 people have problems logging in but hundreds of others do not, then proper troubleshooting would point the finger at something besides the website itself.
  6. I had to Google this to figure out what the heck you guys were talking about. I was wondering why anyone would be running a Windows version from 2004! LOL
  7. I've participated in and even hosted bulletin boards back in the day. To me, the line between them and 'social media' is the almighty algorithm, which controls what you see. Bulletin boards, or forums like RVNetwork, don't have those. You see everything you want to see and nothing more, nothing less. Social media limits this artificially, then charges you to remove the limits.
  8. Their politics is 'profit' above all else. Zuckerberg is very hard to pin down on the left/right spectrum, but what leftie has private dinners w/ Trump? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/22/surprised-about-mark-zuckerbergs-secret-meeting-with-trump-dont-be Technically, no, it's not. Bulletin boards and discussion forums existed *long* before 'social media' came about. They have a 'social' element to them, but they are a silo, generally built around a topic area (RV's, computers, cars, etc.). FB/Twitter, etc. are open to everyone with no specific topic focus at all. according to Firefox, it's just the images that aren't secure. "Attackers may be able to manipulate parts of the page like displaying misleading or inappropriate content, but they should not be able to steal your personal data from the site." https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/mixed-content-blocking-firefox?as=u&utm_source=inproduct&redirectslug=how-does-content-isnt-secure-affect-my-safety&redirectlocale=en-US I'm intrigued. I'm also baffled by the woman on the background image, holding her forearm across her eyes with two fingers extended. Is this some sort of cult? LOL
  9. I would have believed 9, but it looks like it's more like 12 states... How many states has the average American visited? We have now managed to visit 43 states in our 30 years of marriage. Only about one year of that was in any form of RV.
  10. Which is why everyone asks the same questions over and over. Easier than searching.
  11. It doesn't help that even Escapees seems to be 'all-in' on Facebook. We are participating in the Winter Home Base Hangout in Livingston this year. The *ONLY* official communication for updates and events, etc. is a Facebook group. I was even given instructions for signing up for an anonymous Facebook account (which would technically violate Facebook's policies). There is no other way to hear from the Hangout Hosts!
  12. In my opinion, the majority of forums are experiencing declines, and it is 90% due to Facebook groups. I agree with you that there are many shortcomings to them. However, most people are willing to trade that for the immediacy factor. It is extremely easy to ask a question and get 10 answers (or 100) in an hour. Yes, the questions are the same every week. So are the answers. That part drives me bonkers, but that fast answer has people hooked. Also, no separate sign-in. Once you get approved for a group, your FB login gets you in to all FB content. For example, when XScapers started, they never had a separate forum, just a FB group/page. This is why the RVNetwork forum isn't flooded with questions about solar power, cellular antenna configurations and MIMO, etc. The existing group is mostly retired and did not grow up with a smartphone in their pocket. This produces a wide experience gap from 30-somethings. So, yes there might be a bit of bluntness here that might put some off, but the XScaper crowd didn't run away because of it. They just never came here to begin with.
  13. I'm a lot more worried about resale value in 2-3 years than continued crowding. I doubt any of this year's RV newbies are having wonderful experiences. If they are, indeed, experiencing difficulty finding places to stay that would make it that much less likely we'll see them again next spring. Especially the renters. I'm betting most newbies will get the urge out of their systems and disappear. At least I hope...
  14. We found it incredibly crowded out there. Boondocking sites were crowded, RV parks were packed. More than once we got the *very last* site in a park, even though they had 50-200 sites! Eventually we lowered our 'standards' and started utilizing lower end parks and county fairgrounds. Those weren't as full, as long as you got in before a weekend. This is everywhere west of the Rockies, from New Mexico to Montana to Washington to Southern California. Increased demand combined with restrictions on occupancy = PITA! We're now back in Albuquerque. We're not at our usual park because they were booked! The balloon festival was cancelled long ago, but lots of people had reservations. The ones that cancelled were quickly replaced. We got into a nearby park, just barely. No, it's not impossible, you can reserve ahead of time if you schedule things out. But the boondocking is iffy. Always have a backup plan!
  15. True. We use Verizon on our phones only and AT&T for 50-100GB/mo plans. I just *wish* I had one of these older truly unlimited plans. Bad timing
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