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  1. I did that yesterday also hope that will solve the issue thank you for your reply
  2. thanks for the idea I just moved the thermistor one fin to the left it was on the farthest to right fin the fins I will recheck temp again.
  3. Thanks for the info Im about 1800 miles from selling dealer so that's not an option Ill see if ther is a S Dometic dealer anywhere close by though G the G
  4. your right its a DM2672 and the plastic thing is the thermistor fridge is new as well as the camper t the probe attached to the cable was not inserted into the plastic piece on the fin I put it in but runs at 33 34 degrees Im thinking it should be closer to 38 40 degrees am I right or wrong in this thinking.?
  5. My fridge runs too cold the plastic piece that slides up and down does not seem to make a difference. Is there a master setting someplace?
  6. Ive traveled from New mexico to Wisconsin the long way. This unit worked well no issues I just wish the monitors screen was larger
  7. Thats pretty much what I did found hot and ground wire on middle running light on back it works well i do wish for a larger monitor screen though
  8. Thanks for the reply Kirk W.. I decided I wanted all 3 running (marker) lights working so I mounted the observation / back up camera 2' inches below the middle light.. I drilled a 1/2" hole and rubber grommet to run new wires through the siding for protection then tied into existing harness. There is good 12 volt power and ground there. The wireless monitor in in the cab of my truck plugs into the 12 volt power center and works good after pairing. Yes I do need to have marker lights lit for unit to operate , but I generally have them on when running. oh yes about the only thing that was clear in the instructions was red wire is hot and black is ground. G the G
  9. that's what I meant just wrong choice of words
  10. I'm traveling this coming Wednesday I need to bein Wisconsin in a couple weeks. I'm late 60's and some health issues. I am self contained only needing to stop to take on fuel and occasionally dump tanks. Risky? maybe but..... G the G
  11. Update I finally found a U tube video that dealt with installing from scratch not pre rigged. It gave me e3nough of an idea that this morning before it got too hot out I got it done. after pulling more wire out I did see the green and white and then knew which was hot and which was neutral used test light to make sure. Took about an hour and a half because I didn't have the right size wire nuts had to go get a couple.
  12. I bought a furrion vision s observation system camera.. The install directions are vague. Everything I read on the internet covers installing on a rig that is pre rigged for the camera and basically just plug and play. In my case My rig is not pre rigged. Questions for some of you more informed folks is can I just remove the center of the 3 running lights upper center of the back of rig snip the wires and connect? Or would it be better to mount above or below the running lights drill hole and try to fish the wires out. I did remove one lens and see both wires to the light are black. The wires on the camera 12 volt connection is one red one black being both wires to the light are both black does it matter which is which? Im wanting to get on the road next week and hoping to get this set up. thanks for any info you canshare with me George
  13. Thank you for the great answers.
  14. Thank you for all the great answers. If I understand right I can charge my battery's and run all the 12 volt in camper, but still need the second unit to make 30 amps for the 120 .
  15. Hey all, I need to travel from New Mexico to Wisconsin I don't travel in straight lines and will most likely take 3 weeks to get there. I'm thinking It would be difficult if not impossible to find rv sites for overnight so are rest areas open along the highways to stop and sleep for the night? thanks George the greek
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