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  1. Hey Nigel, very nice truck. I’m still not quite ready to purchase hopefully early to mid next year. I’m in Ontario as well. I’ll keep an eye on your truck if it’s still available next year, who knows! I do hope you sell it quickly though.
  2. This is from the RVDA website. 23m is basically 75 ft. Maximum Length for a 2-unit combination is 23 m when the length of the motor vehicle is 12.5 m and less; and 19 m when the length of motor vehicle is between 12.5m and 14m. 6/ Regulations were changed in 2010 to allow a maximum of 14 metres for all buses and RVs, without a permit.
  3. Slixter

    Ipad Nav App?

    I've been using the Co pilot app on my bike for about 6 years. Even in the mountains the ipad/iphone has only lost tracking briefly a couple times. Ironically when our big trucks integrated ELD's (Electronic Logging Devices) the GPS included in the unit from the supplier was Co pilot. In the commercial version we have, we can set up truck dimensions and it will avoid known obstructions and non truck routes. I haven't looked to see if this is available in the newest Co pilot version on my ipad/iphone. Trip planning takes a little getting used to for customizing routes but is nice to do away from the drivers seat. You can sit by the campfire and do it the night before.
  4. 100%! Even with the regs, some of the stuff I see out here is unbelievable!
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I'm sure you guys have talked about this before but in my research it seems that a few states have regs that are lower than 65'.
  6. I will. I’ve checked out a few of his videos. Always informative.
  7. Is your truck singled or do you still have the tandems?
  8. In your travels have you had any issues being over 65 feet?
  9. Thanks. I'm assuming the published pin weight is based on an empty garage, no water, no propane, etc.
  10. I've narrowed my HDT choice down to the Volvo 780 preferably because of the sleeper size. I'm not planning on singling it up. I'll be towing a Toy Hauler and my preferred model is a Duthchmen Voltage 3970. The couple questions I have for those of you in the know before I start chasing down these 2 items over the next few months are as follows: 1) The 3970 has a length of almost 44'. I haven't measured the 780 yet but to stay under 65' total length I probably won't have much room on the bed for a car. Anyone have a similar setup that could advise? 2) With a published pin weight of 3500 lbs (I know the accuracy of these) am I going to be light on the pin with a 900 lb motorcycle in the garage? Any suggestions to help increase pin weight? Do replacement pin boxes make much of a difference? Thanks in advance for your insight.
  11. No jeep on the back and nothing being towed.
  12. You did pass that along to me. I haven't contacted them yet. I'm still months away from pulling it together.
  13. I passed a nice Black HDT on Saturday July 13th going the opposite way on Hwy 24 (King George rd.) in Brantford, Ontario. Just wondering if it's anyone on the forum. Sorry I didn't get the make of truck but it had inclined ramps behind the cab. Hoping it's someone local I could talk to.
  14. I've just joined this forum. So many good topics. I'll be joining the HDT RV hauling club next year. Currently just a bumper puller with a half ton for recreation. I'm an AZ driver for a living (Canadian, CDL in the U.S.). Class 8 semi. Lots of trucks available in our industry to convert to RV hauler. Our company runs all Internationals but I'm leaning towards one of the Volvo models. I've driven them before and they seem to be the choice for conversion. I'm wondering if there's any Ontario, Canada members who can offer some advice in dealing with the MTO for converting from commercial to RV for the trucks.Thanks.
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