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  1. Shannon, It worked great for me. Limits are 15,000 lbs GVWR and 2200 lbs pin weight for the Parkit 360 dolly. Of all the dollies I researched this one looked to be the beefiest one I could find. Plus it had a good heavy duty stabilizer bar set up to keep everything in line. They say it can handle a 4% incline and can negotiate gravel, concrete would obviously be best. It would pay for itself rather quickly when offsite storage is 80 bucks a month and I can now put it outfront of the house where I can watch it 24/7. I too have a long bed truck which happens to be an F-350 dually and I had an experienced truck driver try to put the 5er where it needed to be and he couldn't do it either. He suggested a powered dolly like they use in some semi truck yards and it works. Learning to steer it using a separate button for each drive motor will take some getting used to but I like the idea of it having a remote control so I can watch from all angles. I hope it can handle your rig like it does mine. Assembly requires some metric tools and some mechanical ability along with a deep cycle marine battery to power it. Bubblechaser
  2. Thank you for your input but I already bought a motorized dolly/tug made especially for this purpose. They already have my money and it is on the way. You van watch You Tube for Parkit360 to see it in action. I don't think I have the skill set to make what you describe. Thanks again. Good luck
  3. Okay. Old people have trouble with this newfangled technology.
  4. I will try Pete. I have never done that before but I will try.
  5. I hope it works as advertised. Good reviews and impressive video's it should be pretty cool.
  6. It ships out of Canada tomorrow to New York and then 3 days from New York to here so I probably I'll have it by the end of the week next week. It'll take a day to charge the remote controller so I don't imagine I'll have any results on this for a couple of weeks but I'll let you know. I went and bought a deep cycle marine battery for it today and that should work pretty good. I will take it very slow especially with something new like this and I'll have about two or three other pair of eyes watching for me so we should be okay. Thanks again for all your help I really do appreciate your input and I hope this thing works as well as it ought to.
  7. Thanks Dollytrolley. I bought the Parkit 360 dolly/tug and it is on the way. That should solve my problem and make things a lot easier for me. Thank you for your input I appreciated talking with you. Take care, keep your flaps up and the engine in after burner.
  8. Thank you Al. I just spent $4100.00 on the Parkit 360 for 5th wheels. It is the Cadillac and will do the job. Thanks again for your help.
  9. I appreciate getting good information from someone with as much experience as you obviously have. I have no way to get the experience of backing this fiver other than to just do it. I've been pulling trailers and fivers for about a year-and-a-half now and feel fairly confident. This parking spot in front of my home is just off my dead end Street and I need to get the trailer to one side of the driveway to hook it up to electric, water, and sewer. If I have to park it on the other side of the driveway I can live with that but I'd rather not. The videos that I have seen lead me to believe that using a small tug or Dolly to move this trailer the last 30 ft into position should not be a problem. Both surfaces are paved one is asphalt one is concrete and there's very little slope. The dollies that I'm looking at should be able to handle this fiver based on capacities, pin weight and GVWR. My best friend has been operating heavy equipment and heavy trucks for over 30 plus years and he tried it and couldn't get it in that position with my F-350 dually either. I just can't quit on it I have to try and I wanted to get as much information from as many people as I could, especially from people with experience like yours. Thank you for taking the time to write your reply to my request. I deeply appreciate it.
  10. I have been looking at the Parkit 360 and called them. The only unit they sell for a 5th wheel costs over 4k which I cannot afford. I can get the fiver to within 30 feet on my dead end street but can't get it on the side of my driveway where I have electric, water & sewer. I am working with an asphalt street and a concrete driveway. Based on the videos I've seen this dolly/tug I need should not be a big deal but most on the forum says it is. I have a lot to think about and before I spend 2k I wanted as much information as I could get. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  11. I very much appreciate your input into this topic. However, this is in a residential area it's at my home and I do not have access to a forklift. What you say makes absolute sense and if I had that kind of a situation I would definitely proceed as you outline. I would prefer not to park it on someone else's property or to pay the storage fees. And at the same time I like having my eyes on it at all times while it's parked in front of my home. Thank you once again I really appreciate your attention to this matter.
  12. Thanks for the post. This is a residence and unfortunately a fork lift is not an option. Have a great evening
  13. Have a nice day Peter.
  14. Having served in the Navy as an Airedale sailor I have towed many aircraft in my day including the Blue Angels F-4s/A-4s and even Barney Google. I never scratched an aircraft because I always had "wing walkers" as ordered. Tugs serve a purpose and in this case my F-350 dually long bed is just too big. The landing spot is just fine it's the approach thats a little tight. Thank you for your insight your sarcasm is funny and thank you for your service.
  15. I tow with an F-350 Dually long bed. I have located a motorized tug/dolly I may buy but I appreciate your input and will look around for a cheaper solution. Parkit 360 has one for 5th wheels but it costs 4k I found others for around 2k but not as nice.
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