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  1. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    Already signed up and accepted in PA. That will cover three weeks for 2018.
  2. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    I just want to revise my estimate (Budget) to $20K a year. I have been offered free camping (just pay electric and Dump) for as long as I want. Right now I would say April1-Nov 1. Longer if the weather is good! Tentatively thinking BLM camping (LTVA) like Quartzite, AZ for winter time. That leaves us some splurge money if we want a FU campground for a night-- once in a awhile. Still looking like a fun adventure ahead of us!
  3. Class of 2018

    Yes-We are pretty excited and anxious too. So far its going pretty easy. We actually have TWO potential buyers for our house. One offered to buy it now and told us we can move out when we want. We are thinking June so we are holding off on the sale. We plan to officially change our domicile in July. We have a vacation trip planned to Myrtle Beach with our kids (They are campers too) and we will head to Florida after that. Then back to Pa to finish out the summer, as a visitor! Still trying to compile a plan for next winter, but I guess we have time for that yet. Keep warm, spring will be here before you know it!
  4. Class of 2018

    Welcome Crazy Camper and Purple Tractor. We "feel" your anxiety as we too more towards becoming full timers. I think sharing our ideas and suggestions are an important part of our decision making. Should help us in making any undesirable mistakes. Well back to packing and planning...Happy Holidays~
  5. Class of 2018

    Time for another update- Got the catastrophic health insurance. Needed something until we find something affordable. Cleaning out closets. Took our first truckload to Good Will. Advertising other stuff for sale. We are ATV'ers. Our ATV club has a campground. We were AUX members based on our volunteer time to the club. Work kept me away for almost two years. We were grandfathered back into our position and given a campsite. We now have a free* place to live from April 1-Nov 1. (*=We Pay for Electric and Pump out and Volunteer for club events) Next challenge-Looking for a place to winter Nov 1, 2018-March 31, 2019 and beyond. We hope to solve that issue by July while we are vacationing in Myrtle Beach. Looking for suggestions-
  6. Class of 2018

    Since my last visit....... Passport America is having a Black Friday sale. 7 year membership for $184. 99% sure we are going with Catastrophic Health insurance. Thought about TT. Not really convinced that's the way we want to go. Been doing a lot of reading by wheelingit.us It's almost like he can read my mind what I want to do. Was approved to be Campground Host at a local State Campground here in Pa! (highlight of our week!) Added another vacation week to the list. Our son is a camper and requested our presence in Myrtle Beach for the 4th of July. (Lakewood) Probably put the house up for sale in Mid May. Joined Escapees but didn't get my SKP# yet. Hope it didn't go to spam....... Had a bitter sweet Thanksgiving with the kids. Our last in our home. Dropped the bomb on them of our plans and they are very supportive. Proof we have the best kids in the world......
  7. Class of 2018

    On the most part we are doing the same. Waiting for full declutter in January. Exception-Our daughter needed two beds for her new place and it worked well to get rid of those now. More room for sorting the sell pile and the storage pile. Before my termination we had already made reservations for two vacation trips next year. Those are still a go. Va beach and Yellowstone. Then we need to put the shifter in low gear as we try to learn how to be work campers. We have enough saved to be full timers for 7 years. Thanks when SS kicks in. 401k kicks in 2 years if we need it. I recieved two offers for medical today. One is catastrophic insurance for $266/month. The other is Medicaid insurance. Luckily the wife and I had a good bill of health in Oct. still not sure what direction we will go.
  8. How large/small is your fulltime budget?

    In anticipation of going full time in 2018, I needed some numbers to determine if we could actually go full time. In 2017 we spent 65 nights on the road and drove 11k miles. I calculated for that time frame we spent approx $6364. This calculated to a high estimate for a annual cost of $35,737. This is where I projected to be. Over $30k but under $40k. I hope to still get this number down as most of my camping expenses were job related and reimbursed. The biggest part of these expenses would be fuel ($3300) and we don’t want to travel that hard as full timers. We will be looking for campsites with lower rates to offset the rest. Is Thousand trails the only timeshare?? Anyway-Heres where my biggest problem is: I have not calculated health insurance into this. My current health plan expires Nov 30th and was employer provided . This is all new to me.
  9. Class of 2018

    Didn't know we would be Graduating so quickly! Looks like we will be in the class of 2018! My wife (53) and I (57) decided to retire early and start RVing fulltime. Our house is too big and we started clearing it out. (Winter project). We own a new truck (2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD) and a new travel trailer (2017 Cougar 28RLS). Background- We spent 65 days and 11000 miles on the road in 2017. We had an absolute blast! It's killing us we wont go out again until April 2018. (Hence the extra energy to clear out the house) Should be our last winter in the north. We are already members of KOA, GS and PA. With help from this group (We will join soon) we can "catch up" on how to become Full timers. BTW-This is my first post.