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  1. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Look What I Found! http://rvhlifestyles.com/2017/11/registering-your-truck-in-texas/
  2. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I won't change it until I get to Texas. We bought it in April and depending upon the weather we might be able to get it to Texas just in time before we need to re-register it for 2019. That would work.
  3. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Here is the video link.
  4. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    7x16 Dual Axle Cargo to RV trailer project in progress

    I put up the progress video as of mid July. Note the floor above - that's the 3rd one we put in. In the video you'll see the second. The first were the locking planks but my arthritic wrists and hands would not let me continue. Then came squares that you'll see in the above video. THEN finally the above one-piece cushioned vinyl. Wonder why it's taking so long??
  5. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I wanted to reply to all. Thank you for the info. That sounds good, we will come stay a month at Livingston and get settled and official. Sis and niece already have trip to Alabama camping planned when we get here so we can come and go in our rented space before taking off for our first trek after that. I'll check out that forum mentioned and learn more.
  6. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    It will have all that so that's good. We didn't want to skimp on it being an RV, just wanted a dual axle that wasn't too long, too tall and we could see around. I put up a YouTube vid on it under our Roadtrips AndCampfires channel - it is far from done but we have till spring to finish it.
  7. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I think I'm trying to figure out what I have to do. Ideally I would want to register it as a RV but I did not know if that was possible. So I can just do this when I move from CO where it's registered as a cargo trailer and change it to RV when I register in TX or wherever? That would be great. What does that process cost? Do I pay for the address only through the mail forwarding setup or is there an additonal monthly fee?
  8. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Thanks for that. I have been wondering about our supplemental plans. We currently have Kaiser and I hate it and need to have something more mobile for travel. We'll be taking off in the spring.
  9. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Not sure what you mean, we are escapee members. I have since my post discovered TX might not be a good fit for our domicile due. When we decided to build a RV from scratch from a new dual axle cargo trailer, I didn't know cargo trailers get an xtra helping of taxes due to being considered commercial vehicles. I'm gong to be needing to do some more research here as I'd hate to be in the west and have to travel back every year at a specific time - cuts out the freedom aspect of it all. But I am very interested in what you meant by being a resident of Polk county - is that where Livingston is? Christine
  10. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I have a sister who lives in Dallas and so I am thinking about registering living there and then taking off. Is anyone familiar with what steps I should plan to take to get the car registered, vote, etc.? And both hubby and I will be on Medicare any suggestions for a good supplemental plan? We will be in the west most of the time over the next 2 years .
  11. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    I'm stuck - Class B or Class C?

    We never used the tanks in the B but brought portable tanks along. Why? Because this southern California girl didn't know nothing about tanks freezing in Colorado winter and that thing called winterizing.
  12. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Couldn't Find It. Had To Build It. 2019 Spring TakeOff

    Cute Lego kits! A lot of work. So do you still travel in the winter solo? We will just be starting full time this spring. Building the cargo trailer as we speak.
  13. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Couldn't Find It. Had To Build It. 2019 Spring TakeOff

    Thanks Linda. I remember you from before, you are often helpful and thoughtful. I always liked your castle.
  14. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Is a R Pod 176T to Small to Start with?

    We are going small, 7'' x 16' converted cargo trailer with ramp door. I just posted about it. I've been feeling like you no Journey 2, about would I feel less worthy parked among the class A's and such. Then I thought back to 50 years of camping and couldn't recall ever being made to feel unworthy camping by any camper. We are not doing the storage thing because we don't want to be tied to something across states. It is getting close to truth time - figuring out what we've set aside to take and looking at the room it requires and what it weighs. A table is in the bedroom that represents the back of the pickup. It's pretty loaded. The trailer is neater. Like I said, I won't know until we are packed so that's what we are doing now, even before the cupboards are finished. A trial run even if it's a dry one. Has to be - I don't have the water tank yet! Small is fun. We've always done small. I lived for years in a 600 sq. foot guest house but boy I could pack it in neatly. Difference is weight doesn't matter in a house. Let's keep notes. I had to laugh. Today I found the 2-1/2" high x 2" wide "flowers in vase" I gave Wayne when he was in the hospital along with a stuffed animal about the same size. We were in our down sizing mode so that's what he got post surgery.
  15. Howdy. I was here awhile back and rejoined in June. We were looking for a dual axle short trailer for a one-year trip. It's now a 2-year trip starting next May (after that who knows?) We ended up buying a cual axle Interstate cargo trailer because we found we could bring more if we were careful with the build. We once had a small A-frame and loved it because we could easily drive in towns. We are much bigger with a Silverado +19' (7 x 16 plus tongue) in place of the former minivan and 10' + 3' Chalet that folded flat, also bigger than the two Class B's we've had so we don't feel small. We have a ramp door so if we are parked in good weather we can expand. We have some things on wheels that can be rolled outside for more inside room. We haven't yet taken a maiden voyage as we are still building it. So far we are very happy with it and our decision. It will be interesting if we still feel that way after 6 months of traveling. The longest trip we've ever camped at was 30 days but have always planned to do this upon retirement, at least for awhile. We did have a small Winnebago MH and didn't like the 8' wide and taller height sometimes, usually in the mountains. We are turning it into an RV and not just a pull behind bed. We got a 3-way 6.7 Cu FT Dometic and had the propane professionally installed. We are putting in a small tub/shower. The beds are 2 cots that the bottom part swings out of the way when you want to walk by and they can be made into loungers. A window view will be perfect height when lounging or watching TV or eating directly across from that. The other 3 windows will be higher but I want a good view for sitting in the winter storms. Wayne and I used to put our tennis shoes on and sit with our feet against the wooden rail on the front porch during lightening storms. I stay up most of the night in front of the Class B bay window when in the desert on a perfect starry night. I am thinking about putting in a skylight but am afraid I might invite leaks - any thoughts on that one? Not sure of the real estate either as we want to eventually add solar up there and already will be putting in a fantastic fan vent. Might have to put the A/C up there as well because I am running out of space inside the trailer for a window A/C. (2 of the windows are small awning-type louver windows). A ramp door does take away an entire wall. No photos yet. The floor is in and we hope to finish the walls this weekend. Still have to put insulation in the ceiling but appreciated the walls being insulated the moment they were finished. Still need to do electrical. Have oven which can be wheeled outside for cooking and not heating up the "house." I've had disabilities for many years but my cane, walker and braces all fit in the trailer along with the heat packs, etc. I think I'll need them less if I don't have to go up and down basement stairs to do laundry and try to take care of a large house and yard. We got cots so we can get in and out without one climbing over the other and my two artificial hips think that's a great idea. I've got memory problems but consider them better than they were 10 years ago and how many can say that as they grow older? We can see around the sides of the trailers due to the7' wide and the truck windows extend to 8' wide from one edge to the last across. Most of all I like having 4 tires on the trailer. At least until it's time to replace them LOL. Christine