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  1. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Medicare Advantage Plan Recommendations?

    I have Medicare and he will have it for 2019. I'll go take a look at Humana offerings. Thanks. Will still take any comments on all of this.
  2. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Medicare Advantage Plan Recommendations?

    We currently have Kaiser as ours and need to change. We will start full time Rving come spring. We will likely domicile in Texas, if not that then maybe NV. Would love to hear from others on what they are using and how well it works for them.
  3. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Best Downsizing Day Ever! And Alomost There!

    Actually, the subject has come up a lot. Between downsizing and building a cargo trailer to RV conversion, we look at each other and wonder how we will relate to the world when we don't have to work. We cannot comprehend that, it seems impossible that someday we won't have to travel up and down basement stairs, shovel snow, cringe at the crap on the yard of the next door neighbor, listen to the clanging of chains as an air fresbie lands in the right spot of the portable game. Meanwhile the noise must remind the male dog of the clanging of the doors of a shelter and he tries to climb on my head and walk all over me in various ways. The house before these new owners had pit bulls that wanted to eat me.
  4. Our city had cleanup day today and I let go of things held for a very long time. Cameras, electrical cords, etc. Also got rid of broken motors like the tiller with dead motor and air conditioner that no longer works. Old wire, metal garden fencing and old bed frames. 2 full pickup trucks worth! One more garage sale in my life for things that are already in the basement and being priced for future garage sale. Then it's just paperwork photos, etc. scheduled for stay inside Colorado winter work. The cargo trailer to RV conversion is coming along great especially after hubby took week off and got the ceiling insulation up and I got the 3 refrigerator vents in (with some help from him). And best of all, I got to put a bunch of stuff back in the trailer and out of my living room and spare bedroom!
  5. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Note that there are a ton of changes (including 3 different floors!) between video #1 and #3 of the build. Once we have time we will be grouping all the build subjects together and showing what worked and what didn't. We video'd during the entire process but have no time for editing a how to video until we are done with the build. Also - some things we thought would be great later turned out there was a better way or product so we wanted to make sure to allow time to pass so we could provide more accurate info about how well something worke out.
  6. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7D9VjnXVfK-5kZTnsbfrTg?view_as=subscriber I have 1 video of the trailer build up. Will be putting the second one up soon and then hopefully the 3rd one a week after that as we hope to complete several other things now that all the walls are up (but not yet the ceiling).
  7. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    7x16 Dual Axle Cargo to RV trailer project in progress

    Yes, it is a process. Finally all the walls are up, floor in and we are ready to start attaching the permanent items. Wiring and batteries will come after I know where everything is going and what we are bringing so we can figure our needs. The 17k Nash looks like a good layout. Dual axles - yes!
  8. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    The Magic Of Paint & Having Too Much Fun

    I just want to say I'm having so much fun building our own travel trailer from a cargo trailer. I wanted a steam punk metalic theme but a light weight travel trailer. Metallic paints turn plastic cupboards into shiny metallic cabinets and old wooden cupboards into same with a bit of antique metallic browns with copper overspray. My new bright red plastic gasoline can was the perfect size for under the stainless steel sink and with a can of Restoleum's Copper Rose is transformed into a "Spent Hydro Capsule" a.k.a. 5.3 Liter Grey Water Tank. It has a verticle height and thus there will be lots of room under the sink for storage on the sides. A wooden bookcase that I have had since maybe my 30's (I'm 66) I've sanded and am spray painting Rustoleum Black Hammered which is the same color I painted the aluminum window frames we got out of the RV Salvage Yard and the frames of the refrigerator vents retrieved at the same place on another day. Wayne knocked out the rusted key-less cam locks on the vents and we replaced with new. The skin was refreshed with a coat of Bullseye Primer and the vent slots reshaped with a plastic hair band. Metallic silver shelves accent the Hammered Black of the bookcase and we are turning it into the pantry. We'll be adding doors to keep items in. Our Fantastic Vent is old but little time on the motor. We mounted 2 of them on a folding A-frame once and it was too heavy so this one was saved for the trailer we are building decades later. The outside top is antique nickle while inside are shades of metallic brown. The plastic porta potty has a copper lid and base with antique bowl of metallic nickle. It's probably 25 years old. That's the thing, if it's old you know you can't hurt it too much so playing is justified. Oh, as a wink to my former campmates known as Sisters On The Fly I made a ceiling chandaler out of a black bicycle - the bicyle is a replica piece of art and only weighs about 3 pounds so it will be easy to mount up there and I've already strung the lights and had it lite up there before I took it down until we insulate the ceiling. We are hoping to add a touch of acylic paint pours as a ceiling backdrop.❗
  9. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Look What I Found! http://rvhlifestyles.com/2017/11/registering-your-truck-in-texas/
  10. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I won't change it until I get to Texas. We bought it in April and depending upon the weather we might be able to get it to Texas just in time before we need to re-register it for 2019. That would work.
  11. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Here is the video link.
  12. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    7x16 Dual Axle Cargo to RV trailer project in progress

    I put up the progress video as of mid July. Note the floor above - that's the 3rd one we put in. In the video you'll see the second. The first were the locking planks but my arthritic wrists and hands would not let me continue. Then came squares that you'll see in the above video. THEN finally the above one-piece cushioned vinyl. Wonder why it's taking so long??
  13. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I wanted to reply to all. Thank you for the info. That sounds good, we will come stay a month at Livingston and get settled and official. Sis and niece already have trip to Alabama camping planned when we get here so we can come and go in our rented space before taking off for our first trek after that. I'll check out that forum mentioned and learn more.
  14. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    It will have all that so that's good. We didn't want to skimp on it being an RV, just wanted a dual axle that wasn't too long, too tall and we could see around. I put up a YouTube vid on it under our Roadtrips AndCampfires channel - it is far from done but we have till spring to finish it.
  15. RoadtripsAndCampfires

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    I think I'm trying to figure out what I have to do. Ideally I would want to register it as a RV but I did not know if that was possible. So I can just do this when I move from CO where it's registered as a cargo trailer and change it to RV when I register in TX or wherever? That would be great. What does that process cost? Do I pay for the address only through the mail forwarding setup or is there an additonal monthly fee?