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  1. swtamiet

    Renting a site for longer term

    Much appreciate. I'd be interested what you decide
  2. RV site for rent on our little 1/4 acre property on Guemes Island in Anacortes WA. Check out the weather on Guemes! It is more temperate than farther inland as it is in a protected cove in Puget Sound. The rent is $550 per month and includes, water, electric, trash and sewer. We have a tiny house on the property and are only there part time. It is a 5 minute ferry ride to Anacortes and the ferry leaves every 30 minutes during the day. Beach rites included at Cooks Cove. Walking distance. We are looking for a longer term renter for the site (6 months or more) who would be a nice neighbor. 559-676-0511
  3. swtamiet

    Renting a site for longer term

    We bought a tiny home with two RV hook up sites on a quarter acre. We aren't ready to quit our jobs and use it as a base yet. Although we really (I mean really!) want to. Now we are thinking to rent one of the spots to someone responsible who will be there longer term. Does anyone have experience renting a site from a private person (noncommercial)? Anything we should know? (We know nothing). Ok, that is a lie. We know a little about renting. But not an RV spot. Where do people find sites to rent? What's the scoop?
  4. swtamiet

    FULL TIME vs full time

    That does sound like an ideal life. Sounds like the goal we have when we decide we can afford it. Just took a fairly large step in that direction by buying a small property with a couple of RV spots (although its not where our jobs are). My husband works for Yosemite. Hopefully, when you get out this way, the fires will be out. October - Feb is the best time in Yosemite IMO.
  5. A couple of people have mentioned Mobile Homes as an option for us, since we are going to be stationary. I think that would be a good plan for us except for the lack of housing where we live. I'll explain why because I think the situation may be a phenomenon in other tourist areas, like where we live between Fresno and Yosemite. A lil background first, we own a home and we have to sell it. We have a mother in law suite that we rent out for a very low amt. When we advertise it, we get 100s of calls with people begging to stay, even willing to pay more than we are asking. The reason is there are a lot of low paying tourist industry jobs up here but unfortunately, not enough housing. And everyone that has a mother in law suite or an extra room or a cabin rents it out on Air BnB now. So, in a nutshell, thats the housing situation here..
  6. Thanks Greg, I would not have thought to look there. That helps!
  7. We are feeling grateful for all the information. Prior to this we thought the motor home idea was more practical for us but it sounds like its really not. I'm a little relieved too because, as Lou and also Kirk mentioned, the motor homes in our budget were kind of old and likely have issues. We will check with the full time park we are looking at to see if they require us to have a pull vehicle. We could definitely buy a used truck to have on hand. We have seen lots of newer 5th wheels and travel trailers in our budget. I wonder what to look for in deciding on one that is comfortable in cold weather?
  8. Hello all. This is my first time posting but my hubs and I have been racking our brains, trying to decide what type of rig makes sense for our situation. I'm hoping for some input for those with more experience than we have. (which is pretty much anyone who has spent one night in an RV).We have two small dogs and work full time. We want to buy an RV (without spending more than 20K). And live full time in the local RV park. We have two small fuel efficient cars to get us to and from work and do not want to buy a truck. That being said, a motor home seems to make sense in order to be self sufficient in moving the rig about. HOWEVER, the 5th wheels especially and the travel trailers too really are appealing in spaciousness and liveability. But, how hard is it to find a mover to move either to an RV park. And, once there, are there occasions when we would have to move it about? Does one need to move their RV to dump the tanks? Or is it generally done with a long hose? Have I asked to many questions? Your thoughts appreciated.