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  1. Can I really full time on $2,000 a month

    As a young solo full-timer, but with two dogs) I work part of the year on much less than $2K a month and that includes paying rent and putting aside some for savings. I went the 5W and truck route since I already had the truck, and a 5W/TT made the most sense for my plans (similar to yours in staying in one location for a while). I boondock (my investment in a solar set-up has been invaluable for that) mostly when traveling and find private spots (not RV parks) to rent for cheap when working.
  2. WiFi and Cell Booster in combined unit

    This is the kind of info I was looking for. I guess I will look for two separate units instead. I will only be using one at a time as if I have wireless (where I am now) I am not needing to boost 4G, and vice versa. I am guessing the most recommended cell booster is the WeBoost as I seem to see it everywhere Any recommendations for a wifi booster?
  3. Is there such a product that does both? I am looking for something that can pick up and boost low 4G signal (or even 3G maybe) and WiFi (for private spot rentals). I really don't want to have to buy two products if there is something available that can do both.
  4. DW wants an oven

    What is she wanting to cook? I've heard of people making anything they can make in an oven in an InstaPot...including banana bread.
  5. back in the trailer again

    Ha ha, I'm one of them...not probably in Arizona yet since I just got here, but I am guilty. I have hauled trailers for years and years, including cattle and horses, which is actually where I started. There are some ridiculous-looking roads I have had to haul a loaded gooseneck trailer up and down so a 5W feels like a dream since it doesn't contain any moving bodies!!!
  6. Jack Blocks

    A lot of it sounds like it is similar to the ranch work I have done for years so pretty used to working hard and getting dirty. Seems like a pretty good job for me...just waiting on the second phone call to go in and start paperwork, or I might just drop in and see them since I will be in town anyway later.
  7. Jack Blocks

    Grounds keeper for the school district.
  8. Jack Blocks

    Everyone's input has been great. Now that I just received a job offer for the winter I will look into picking up a set of the stabilizers. Thanks guys
  9. Jack Blocks

    The movement isn't fun when it's really blowing but my main concern is that the legs really shouldn't be extended so long...longer legs = more torque when things move = more stress on the tube and the pins I already have 8" under them and was hoping to at least increase that to 12-14" blocks. I will also look at the stabilizers.
  10. Jack Blocks

    Well if they are not designed to support the weight of the RV then how to they lift it off the truck? I'm not talking about the back stabilizing jacks but the landing gear, front electric jacks. I use leveling blocks in their case for the back jacks which works great but there isn't enough stability in those for the front jacks...not wide enough.
  11. Jack Blocks

    Thank you. I will look for the mobile home jacks. J-T...would the blocks you are suggesting hold the weight of the RV? They look like they would break under the weight of a trailer. How do you laminate the pieces together?
  12. Jack Blocks

    When I bought my 5W it had already had the axles flipped and been lifted 4". I changed the 4" tube iron DIY "lift blocks" to a channel iron subframe to make it more solid and safe all done by a reputable welder. I have a LOT of clearance but with that comes other problems. The problem with so much lift is that my jacks don't actually reach the ground. I use a couple of 6x6 wood blocks and a 2x8 pad underneath and still the legs are extended quite a long way and don't feel as solid and stable as I think the should be. I worry about this in the wind especially. I am looking for a light-weight and safe solution to be able to put under my jacks that gives me less leg extension and thus more stability. Of course whatever the solution is has to be able to hold the weight of the trailer as well as being light...wood tree stumps are great on the rare occasion I've actually been able to use them but they aren't convenient...or light. Something built like a jack stand seems like it would work but no ideas on where to find something like that...my Google-fu isn't working
  13. RV shower head

    It takes me about 15 seconds to get hot water to the shower head AND to adjust it to the right temperature...knowing where you usually set the knobs makes it a no-brainer and saves water!
  14. Hot water, please

    Just reaffirming what the others have said: Check bypass valve on heater...it was something I missed when I first got my 5W and couldn't understand why my burner wouldn't stay lit. It would be located near to the water heater. Mine is inside the RV itself close to the WH cold water intake. Check the breaker. There is a breaker in the panel and usually an on/off switch behind the metal panel of the heater itself. I only have two spots to make sure the electric water heater is on, not 3, so you may not have the 3rd. My interior switch is for propane heat which I only use when boondocking.
  15. Thoughts on Best 5th wheel brands

    I have an older Keystone and have been happy with it but have heard multiple reports that their quality has gone WAY down over the past 10 years. I've heard reports of warped walls and dozens of issues on factory new models. If mine wasn't solid and older I doubt I'd consider anything by Keystone now.