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  1. I have the Andersen (steel version) and couldn't be happier with it. The bed space is similar to a standard 5W hitch but much easier to remove and install...I can do it by myself as a 5'5 110# woman. I also don't have much in the bed of my truck....cooler, camp box, sewer hose box and extra propane tanks, plus the dogs! It all fits fine. Hitching and unhitching is easy (I love that I can see the ball as I back up) and again I can do it alone without any help. I don't see a huge issue with raising the jacks to get under it...maybe 2-3" more than with a standard 5W hitch. Maybe I'm used to it and don't see it as abnormal as I am used to GN hitches and horse trailers.
  2. Another one here...no property owned, no family in the US to spend any amount of time with. I do have some cousins on the east coast but rarely see them...in fact only seen one of them in 20 years. May see them briefly when I make it that direction. Sometimes I think having a home base would be nice as I really don't have any fall-back plan. I'm one of the ones who will be stationary in my RV part of the year as I have to work at least 7-8 months in order to travel the other 4 months.
  3. I know this has been asked time and time again but I haven't been able to narrow anything down. I have a quote from Miller RV insurance as they seem to come recommended. Anyone else I shoukd ve seriously considering for full-timing...I think the contents are worth more than the actual camper and that is an issue I'm running into.
  4. I've heard of it. I have seen the news on the Xscapers facebook page as well as Less Junk, More Journey's FB page and channel. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  5. I also use LastPass after a recommendation from this site. I have a nice long complicated password for that but it's the only one I have to remember. There are a couple of moderate passwords I use on accounts I don't have any personal information but they are still numbers and letters and capitals...just not random.
  6. Yeah, I think that's what we determined before when my heater kept doing the same thing on a different property. Tripped after hours and while I was doing other things using power on the same circuit etc. I'm pretty sure everything is safe at this point but it never hurts to check.
  7. The GFCI receptacles (bathroom, kitchen, outside) are on a different circuit breaker and as such different circuit to the regular outlets. I dont have the converter breaker on as I'm using very little 12v power and my solar is more than enough to keep the batteries at 99-100% at all times. I'm going to do some more experimenting today. I did run the heater off my extension cord and GFCI yesterday and it was fine. Plugged it into a verified and tested outlet that hadn't tripped before, turned it on. No trip...for three minutes...then the GFCI tripped in the garage. Also on a separate occasion, had RV plugged into same GFCI receptacle as above...all good, nothing tripping. Plugged the vacuum cleaner into completely different GFCI outlet but ON SAME CIRCUIT using extension cord...tripped the GFCI the RV was plugged into (first in line on the circuit) and not the one the vacuum was plugged into. Checked vacuum on a different circuit, alone, no trip. The experiments continue
  8. So here's the deal: I plugged the RV into one of the garage GFCI outlets. No trip. Turned Main breaker on. No trip Turned outlet breaker on. No trip. Tested all outlets to see if anything tripped. No trip. Turned GFCI outlet breaker on. No trip. Tested all outlets to see if anything trips. No trip. Turned Fridge breaker on. No trip. Tested fridge circuit. No trip. Tested fridge on separate cord and outlet. No trip. Works fine. Turned microwave breaker on. No trip. Tested microwave circuit. No trip. Tested microwave on separate cord and outlet. No trip. Works fine. Didn't touch water heater breaker as I already know that's a problem. Currently just have outlets and GFCI breakers flipped on with lamps, TV and Playstation 3 on while plugged in to garage GFCI outlet. Fridge is currently plugged in to another outlet in case we lose power. Has been like this for 20 minutes.
  9. I have read that and all other articles I can find. I'll have it checked out with everything else....like I said, not tripping until a power surge. Many articles mentioned things like blow dryers, fridges, irons etc tripping GFCIs because they are so sensitive it just overloads them with such a high current draw so fast.
  10. It only trips when too much power is pulled through the circuit. Had RV plugged in to one GFCI receptacle for several hours without any issue, via a short 14gauge extension cord...outlets and GFCI outlets in the RV were on as was the fridge and microwave circuit. All fine for several hours. GFCI in the garage tripped when I plugged the vaccuum cleaner into the other GFCI outlet on the same circuit in the garage and then turned it on. Same thing happened with the microwave. I have read about motors and power surges through GFCI recetacles tripping them. I know the water heater trips is so that stays off until i can get it fixed.
  11. It is a GFCI outlet in the garage that I am plugging the RV into. 20A circuit with 20A breaker but 15A outlets. Two GFCI outlets on each circuit...six in total.
  12. Thanks. Yes, I am aware of the converter issue. I actually had to re-wire a couple of breakers because my outlets had been wired into the same breaker as the converter. It was an easy fix thankfully. I'm currently having some nuisance tripping of the GFCI now...hours after I've plugged in when I use any high-power-draw equipment like the microwave or vaccuum cleaner or the fridge kicks on. I'm guessing the outlet I'm plugged into is 15A. The vaccuum tripped it when plugged into a diffterent outlet in the garage but on the same circuit.
  13. I agree. It doesn't trip the GFCI until I turn what I now assume to be the heater element switch "On". If that switch is "Off" and I flip the WH breaker it doesn't trip the GFCI.
  14. Called Reongy to confirm fuse not needed nor would it invalidate the warranty on anything. Fuse removed...pain the a$$ since I'd used Eternabond to attach wires to the roof to keep them in place.
  15. Why would a 10A fuse kill my array in S/P?