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  1. Im about to go on the road solo and staying in alot of places off the grid. Im looking for some wireless outdoor security cams that I can watch live on my computer from inside of my RV. I will have wifi in the RV but prefer not to take the WIFI bandwidth up if there is an alternative way. Im hoping to watch the outdoor wildlife and of course for safety reasons. Anyone have any advice? Looking to order something from Amazon.
  2. WOW, thank you so much for all of this great info! I am going to go through it tonight as I am currently unloading everything I own from my home to go on the road full time. The reason that I want a CB is that growing up, I have always had one and I know how to talk on it and it will keep me entertained during my travels. I have also been in some dangerous situations on my last RV trip when I wished that I had one.
  3. Im going to be doing an 8 month solo trip in my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 4 door long bed pulling a 33 ft 2015 KZ Spree. I was hoping to buy a CB radio tomorrow night off of Amazon and install this weekend. Ive been looking and cannot figure out what to get. I assume an antenna comes with it? How do I run the antenna wire to the outside of the truck? I would like to get something regardless of price that would provide me with weather and the most entertainment and emergency help as possible. Any advice on what to get would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. So I have been givin a warning for my statement to wa_desert_rat. I would like to apologize to him as I went too far and I do agree with the warning. Thanks!
  5. I have 5 full bars so I have great reception but do not have a good speed. I got "page cannot be displayed when I tried to open this website 3 times in a row. Finally it went through. I do have my wifi and luckily it works great here. The reception is not the problem. The speed is so bad that it wont open up pages at times. I meant for this post to answer a simple question that has turned into 5 pages worth of responses that really didnt answer the question.
  6. Ok I will stop asking the question because I have done so several times and a very small few has answered it but most havent. Wa_ dessert, if you scroll back through a few of my replys I said that I have asked others in this park and they say it is their biggest complaint. I have asked the staff and they say it is the biggest complaint that they get. I wont repeat myself any longer. It is what it is.
  7. and how does this apply to my question asking why Escapees is the worse when it comes to internet compared to other parks?
  8. Well fellas, Im certainly not trying to rattle cages here. I didnt say that if you were over 60 that you didnt understand the internet. In most cases, I have met people here that are retired and does not depend on it and I suspect that is the case on this forum. So let me ask the question in another way and see if I can get the answer to my original question although I may have worded it wrong. Would anyone disagree that Escapees has the worse internet out of all of the parks they have stayed at? In my situation that is definitely the case. How can they be so good at everything else but dead last with the internet? Im sure posters will say that is not the case. But it is from what I have experienced. Did I just get lucky with staying at close to 20 RV parks in 10 months?
  9. Wa_desert_rat, Although I appreciate your reply I strongly disagree. As previously stated, I have been on the road since July and this is my first time I have had a problem with wi fi for the little needs I have for bandwidth. And I have paid the 22.00 per day on a lot of occasions. The small data emails that I send and receive all day has never been a problem until I got here. Netflix has not always been great but I don’t use it much and am not figuring that into my comparison although I brought it up in my original post. I really think it is an age gap. I am 40 years old and very good with computers and internet. Every other forum I belong to, shares my thoughts on wi fi. Docj writes for an Rv magazine and agrees with me. In the end I believe it really is an age gap. My generation understands and the older generation does not. I wish I were retired (as I suspect most are on this forum) and didn’t have to depend on the net as much as I do. I do in fact have great backup with Verizon. But everywhere else I have been, I have not needed that backup. I might be on the wrong forum based solely on my age because I feel that 75% of the posters here cannot sympathize with me where 75% of the RV population as a whole does agree. I use Escapees as a mail service and pay a fee. And I will still stay at their parks often. But as I have stated several times before, “how can they have everything else right but the wifi”? I have not gotten many responses to this question at all. In fact, most responses were posters trying to give me lessons on not using netflix and how I should not expect good wifi. I disagree based on 10 months experience in several parks.
  10. These posts are very confusing because as stated twice earlier, I have been on the road and staying at numerous RV parks and they already have the wi fi figured out and provide amazing wi fi. I have not had 1 SINGLE PROBLEM with Wi Fi until I got here at Escapees. The nature of this post was not asking when parks will figure out how to get good wifi because in my experience they all already have it besides Escapees, it was not asking you folks to give me a lesson on getting my own wifi (which I see numerous folks telling me) or for you to tell me not to use netflix. The reason for the post was simply asking how every other park (in my experience anyway), has wi fi figured out already but the Escapees park (who is the best I have seen in every other aspect), does not have it figured out. I appreciate all of the comments but you are missing the point of my original post. Maybe I asked the wrong way? I hope that I am not sounding too harsh but these are the facts.
  11. Kirk, just an FYI. After speaking with alot of the park residents and the staff about this issue. It is hands down the number one compliant that they hear here.
  12. Thanks for these last few answers. This Escapees park is really amazing compared to other parks I have been to. I was just surprised that they provided the worse internet service I have seen out of all of the parks I have been to in the last 10 months. I guess you cant be perfect at everything. But they are in fact perfect at everything besides the internet. If the net is not an issue for you, I highly recommend this park.
  13. Ok so yes I am new to Escapees and to this forum. I have read all the comments and let me start out by answering a couple. I understand that I shouldn't stream Netflix because it effects others. However, I only do this when I go to bed around 1am when most in the park are sleeping and not using it. To the guy that made the comment of using Netflix for my job, that is just stupid so I wont comment. I do have a backup myfi but prefer not to use it if I dont have to. This is why I call parks way before I arrive, check on how good their internet is and reserve a spot next to the wi fi transmitter which I have done here at Rainbows End.. I have been on the road for 10 months and this is the first park where I have had a problem. I do not use much data for work. I am a recruiter so I view resumes all day and send small emails without much data in them at all besides the body of the email. Out of all of these reply's not one person has answered my original question so I will ask in another way. On a scale of 1-10, Escapees is on the low end of that scale, with their internet service. If they are so good at everything else they do when it comes to the RV lifestyle, why are they so horrible in this department? This is the question. Thank you for all of your comments.
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