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  1. I wish I could set up domicile sooner but I plan to work (in MD) until just before Christmas.
  2. I wasn't really planning on setting up the mail forwarding service until we were closer to heading toward Fl by Jan 1. I had planned on using a PO box until we for the remaining time we are spending in MD. When changing address at my CU, I was informed that Fed Regs require physical address. The only local address I can use is my son, who has the same name, and it just creates confusion - I'd rather not! I guess I'm going to be signing up for mail forwarding service sooner than I expected! Thanks for listening. Rick
  3. Very interested in this topic. We are MD residents and are committed in MD until mid Dec. I plan to work until around Dec 15 and then make the slow trek to Florida. We go to settlement on residence today.
  4. You mean in the S&B? Unlimited cable modem. Wireless phone plan - Unlimited postpaid.
  5. I think, correct me if I'm wrong, but you'd have to use your phone as a hotspot and you are limited on hotspot data.
  6. I do not currently have a data plan, but I am a current Verizon customer with two post paid phones and unlimited data. I stopped by the Verizon store and they recommend adding a line to my current plan for $20. He said I could add multiple lines for $20 each and that each one would come with 15gb of 4G data. I am still in S&B until the end of Sept and have Comcast. Looking at this year's data usage from Comcast, I have used anywhere from 59gb to 98gb. I'm sure some of that is that both phones are set to connect to wifi when in range and we do stream music and video on the phones. I may be forced to cut back my usage some. Thoughts?
  7. Can the 8800L connect to a router?
  8. After chatting with Verizon, now I'm confused again. So, the rep told me when I buy the 8800L I have to choose postpaid or prepaid plan and that it's locked where you have to leave it on one or the other for six months. I said that doesn't make sense if you pay full price and she gave some canned answer about people getting mastercards and leaving. I also asked if there is any difference between postpaid and prepaid, she said "prepaid has slower data"
  9. Thanks for all the responses. That's very helpful.
  10. As I wade in, I know I'll need internet and heavy use at least in the beginning. Where we will be spending next summer, only Verizon has service. As I look at the jetpacks they have available, mifi 8800L gets two stars, USB 730L gets three stars and Ellipsis MHS 900L gets two stars. Who has what and are you happy with it? Thanks Rick
  11. Sorry for the delay. I'm in a fifth wheel. I may just try to figure out the basic tools. Appreciate the replies!
  12. There is almost zero chance to get a carry permit in MD. I'm not in that privileged group. MD law states that to carry a handgun in the vehicle, you have to be on the way to or from the range.
  13. As I downsize, I wonder "how many tools you travel with"? Right now I have a tool chest, with sockets, wrenches, and the like. I'm sure there is a lot of redundant tools, but even if I scale it back, it would be a box, heavy and hard to store. I have a hand gun and will be in MD for 3 months before leaving the state and will be back a couple times a year. I have it locked up in a small save, but as I understand MD law, I don't think I'm legal to keep it in the camper. It almost seems not worth dealing with. Thanks - Rick
  14. I had to change this year because my premium was going up $200 per month. Now co-pays are higher and deductibles much more in play. Not that happy with bcbs nationwide ffs. Have to look harder this open season.
  15. The beauty of being a retired federal employee is that I have health insurance from them.
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