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  1. When I joined Escapees, I too planned on using their mail service and there address for domicile purposes. As I dug deeper into how the mail worked between Texas and Florida, that didn't exactly make sense to me. Based on that, I chose a different mail service. Now I'm staying in Bushnell, but plan to travel to Clay county to do all the DMV stuff.
  2. For those of you who full time and aren't stationary, where do you have your primary care doctor? Thanks - Rick and Dru Full Time 3-1/2 months and counting!
  3. I have just ordered Dish system from Amazon. I haven't had a dish account in years. What's the best way to set up service? Do I set it up as a residential account? I'm full time and not stationary. Thanks - Rick
  4. I'll probably see if they will put something funny on it. To my point, I'm from Maryland, but why would I want to be from somewhere I'm fleeing! Rick
  5. They are used to workampers, so they probably find the question entertaining. I'm sure they don't really care, but I find the whole inability to answer the question humorous.
  6. Is it me or does this question trip up other newbie full timers? The question was posed by employer of workamper position in regard to where you want to be from on you name badge. Let's see: We can go - originally? where I last lived? where I lived the longest? Were my domicile is (or will be)? ... I'll get back to you!!
  7. Welcome! We just sold our house in August and will be headed toward Florida to arrive around Jan 1. We will be workamping next summer. Rick and Dru
  8. As it turns out, the Verizon rep was wrong about being able to use two sims cards in one jet pack. Why can't they get their act together?
  9. When I bought the jetpack and went to Verizon to activate it, we changed out plan to "Do More" plan. The rep added it with 15gb data for $10 ($8.50 with our gov discount) and another sims card with 15gb for another $10. So, we have 30gb, plus each of our phones have 30gb hotspot. If I want to stream, I connect my phone straight to the TV, because the phone doesn't pull from the hotspot data. That's how we plan to do it, but granted we haven't been through a whole billing cycle yet. We'll see if the plan hold true. Rick
  10. We are officially in this class. We have the fist week under our belt, but have much to do (get rid of more stuff).
  11. I wish I could set up domicile sooner but I plan to work (in MD) until just before Christmas.
  12. I wasn't really planning on setting up the mail forwarding service until we were closer to heading toward Fl by Jan 1. I had planned on using a PO box until we for the remaining time we are spending in MD. When changing address at my CU, I was informed that Fed Regs require physical address. The only local address I can use is my son, who has the same name, and it just creates confusion - I'd rather not! I guess I'm going to be signing up for mail forwarding service sooner than I expected! Thanks for listening. Rick
  13. Very interested in this topic. We are MD residents and are committed in MD until mid Dec. I plan to work until around Dec 15 and then make the slow trek to Florida. We go to settlement on residence today.
  14. You mean in the S&B? Unlimited cable modem. Wireless phone plan - Unlimited postpaid.
  15. I think, correct me if I'm wrong, but you'd have to use your phone as a hotspot and you are limited on hotspot data.
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