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  1. sbslinde

    Generator ?

    Look into Powertech generators. We have one on the race trailer 12k. I couldn't fit the enclosed unit in the space I had so I had to use the non enclosed. Not super loud but not enclosed quiet either. Almost 6000hrs and still running strong. Oil changes and air filter are all it really needs.
  2. sbslinde

    T2000 Bumper Hitch Help Needed

    Correct. Only bolted connections.
  3. New Parallax power converter/charger. Model #8345 Ordered 2, used the first one that arrived. This is a new unit. $200 + shipping Text is best 313-410-1367 Jeff
  4. sbslinde

    New to Satellite TV

    After much net searching and reading we have decided on a Winegard X2 with a Wally. Purchasing though Amazon Warehouse for significantly less than through Dish. We shall see how this progresses in the next couple weeks. Thank you for the replies. Jeff
  5. sbslinde

    New to Satellite TV

    We will have 1 TV. Trees are never a problem. Part time. No recording of programs needed. Dish would be the provider. HD would be nice. Ease of setup is a bonus. Being that we travel in the eastern time zone will I need a Dish that sees the eastern satellites or will one that only sees the western ones work. The furthest south and east would be Valdosta Ga. Thanks Jeff
  6. We are looking to add a Satellite system to our Race Rig. We travel mostly down I-75 and west to St. Louis. Not looking to spend a fortune. Are there any systems that we should stay away from? I have been reading up on the subject but there are so many conflicting stories I am not sure on which system would work best. Thank you Jeff
  7. sbslinde

    HDT Tires

    I purchased Cooper Roadmaster Drive tires for the race rig this spring and have been very satisfied with the performance. I will be installing Cooper tires on the steer axle this year. Michelin uses their own sizing system for their tires.
  8. sbslinde

    Using a tapered bridge reamer

    If you are going to use a twist drill, I would recommend using M42 cobalt drill bits. They will stay sharper longer. You will find them at Production Tool or similar tooling outlets. Drill a pilot hole. My personal choice would be to use a Rotobroach style tool. These look like small hole saws, but more accurate. Jeff
  9. sbslinde

    2nd trip report

    Something to check on the overtemp genset. Look at the radiator fins. The genset radiator on my race trailer was caked with an oily mess where the fan had picked up dirt and covered the radiator fins closed. No air flow. I used Totally Awsome full strength and a garden hose to clear mine.
  10. sbslinde

    They tried to steal our truck!

    Shawn, I store my race trailer and Semi in Melvindale next to Baker College on Outer Drive. I have stored there for 7 yrs. and have not had an issue. Well lit and has web cameras.
  11. sbslinde

    Muffler for generator

    I have a Power Tech 12kw generator on my trailer and it came with a very robust muffler. You may want to check with them to see about a muffler. Most of my generator noise is mechanical from the engine not exhaust. Jeff
  12. sbslinde

    which 17.5 tire?

    I purchased a set of 6 Cooper Roadmasters for my race trailer in April of this year. No issues so far and we put appx. 10k miles on them. 215/75/17.5 Price was a consideration. Jeff
  13. sbslinde

    AC stops cooling

    The A/C system more than likely is low on refrigerant. A low charge will cause the evaporator to freeze.