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  1. Good points. Thank you and I’m adding to my list.
  2. I’m looking for info on how much solar to put on a 27ft Class C to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while boondocking. Also, I will be traveling to Yuma in the fall. Could anyone recommend a good reliable solar installation person? Thanks in advance for any information you can send my way. Maggie
  3. Thanks Tom. I located a man down in Arizona and I’ll meet with him next fall. I will save your numbers to share with him. Thanks again, Maggie
  4. Thanks Chip. Great info and I appreciate your putting this info together.
  5. Thanks Dutch. I am researching the Protect A Tow.
  6. The windshield guard is exactly what I need. My car is already pretty scratched up so I'm not to Concerned about the paint. I do have the Blue Ox setup. Thanks so much!
  7. That sounds doable. Thanks again. Maggie
  8. Thanks again Kirk. The most important thing is stop the rocks from flying up and breaking my windshield. I’d rather have something permanent but I have to be logical and get whatever works the best for my problem.
  9. Thanks 2gypsies. I love the Escappee feedback. The most knowledgeable group of people out there! Thanks again, Maggie
  10. Thank you Dutch! I am so grateful for your information as I was looking at the type that is permanent. I will check out the link. Thanks again. Maggie
  11. Thank you Kirk. Do the guards that hang under the back of the rv work? I’ve seen the ones that look like a solid piece of rubber and also the ones that are strips hanging down. I would like to find something that is installed once and left. I tried to attach a picture of each but the program won’t allow it. Thanks again, Maggie
  12. Recommendations needed for rock guard to protect my toad. I drive 27qb Coachman Freelander. I have suffered two broken windshields. Thanks in advance for suggestions. Maggie
  13. 1 Van Conversion 180W 120A 220AhAGM 250VA. 2500.00 2 ZS 170 Solar Panel Kit with rockers 325.00 1 Victron Phoenix MPPT 30A 474.00 1 Victron Phoenix invertor kit 550.00 1 45 A shore power charger kit (AGM) 550.00 29 hours labor at 130.00 hour That is the breakdown.
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