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  1. We use the Winegard Trav'ler on the roof most of the time, and carry a portable 3 LNB dish setup if we're under a lot of trees. Only used the portable 2-3 times in 5 years. the Trav'ler does an excellent job. 2 TV's with separate receivers and all is well. Dave
  2. Antenna, Satellite, or both?

    We have both on our RV. We have Dish at home so we have a Winegard Travel'r for dish on the roof of the RV and take our Dish receiver with us. most time we DVR shows so we can eliminate the commercials. Many times there is no OTA to be had unless you are around a city. We also watch a little more TV than we did when working, especially if the weather is bad. Dave
  3. Trouble Boondocking Along I-8 Near Gila Bend or Ajo, AZ?

    X3. This is the west. Lots of stuff goes on that you don't hear about much. Recent example being the local Highway Patrolmen that was shot for no reason out in the middle of nowhere, or the rabid wildcat that was attacking people. When you are the only lights or people for miles you are a prime target. It's your responsibility to be able to protect yourself from both other people and the wild life. Be trained and practice just to be safe. We never leave home with out our weapon. Even when we are on the Harleys'. Dave
  4. Route info Chama, NM to Walsenburg please

    thanks, we're planning the trip but don't know the exact dates we want to be there. We have to work around the Sturgis bike rally since we're headed for south Dakota. those you listed months pretty much cover our trip though. Are you hosting there or just staying for the summer. Dave
  5. Route info Chama, NM to Walsenburg please

    thanks all. Good info. We liked the video I'll start looking over there when I'm researching routes. Dave
  6. Route info Chama, NM to Walsenburg please

    I'm planning next summers trip and would like road info for State route 17 from Chama to Antonito, 285 to Alamosa, and 160 into Walsenburg. Big class C towing a trailer and wondered how the road is. I see a couple of switch backs on 17 out of Chama but can't really tell about the climbs and passes. Don't have my western mountain directory yet. Any information would be helpful. Thanks everyone. Dave
  7. monthly stay parks in Colorado and Oregon

    Thanks I'll check on it! Dave
  8. Which laptop would you buy?

    We've been using Dell Inspiron's for years. We have one now that's 6 years old and all we've done is replaced the battery. My Wife got a new one a year ago and the cooling fan failed. Dell overnighted a box to us at no charge, paid to ship back to them and then back to us again. Whole process including the repair took 8 days.. The rest of our laptops have been trouble free. Dave
  9. monthly stay parks in Colorado and Oregon

    Thanks Al. I just discovered this one today by accident. Looks nice and not to expensive for us either. Dave
  10. Good morning everyone. I'm planning next summer and am looking for a couple of good parks to stay for a month each. We also need a park that would allow us to store the trailer that we carry the Harley's on. We would like a recommendation for around Durango, Bayfield, or Pagosa Springs Colorado. Also would like a suggestion for a RV park someplace south of Portland, for another month stay. We want to use as a base to see as much as we can both the coast and inland on the Harleys. Doesn't need to be really close to Portland but close enough to be easy to visit when desired. Health issues prohibit staying on the coast. Any suggestions? Thanks for any and all suggestions. Dave
  11. We bought our class C at Orangewood RV in Surprise on Bell road. They seemed straight forward. Showed us the NADA values which matched what we had printed for ourselves, negotiated with the seller in a timely manner. Handled our financing as well. Pleased with them from the buyers end. We've had some repair work done there also and found it satisfactory. Dave
  12. Trav'ler Box On or Off?

    That's exactly how we do ours. Be sure and add "push the POWER button 2 times to stow antenna" to your departure check list. Very easy to forget after sitting for a while. (Voice of experience). Dave
  13. Should be easy as its a major road. Just slow going since quite a few miles of it is at reduced speeds. Some nice scenery too. Dave
  14. Towing In EXtreme Temps

    After you pass Wilhoit 89 gets very curvy, with several switch backs. I believe the length limit there is 40'. You can take the turnoff to Kirkland Junction and go through Skull valley into Prescott on Iron Springs road. All 2 lane road that's pretty good. there is a train over pass just after Skull Valley but its marked as 15' so shouldn't be a problem. Dave
  15. Can I Not Use Chrome on Windows 10?

    I'm using chrome on windows 10 as I speak. Works great for me. It says its version 51.0.2704.103 m which is the latest. Dave