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    F/T for 11 years, off the road in '13 due to health, but still kickin!

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  1. Thank you for all the advice you've given us over the years. Best of luck in your new life! We had to give up the rv lifestyle in 20/3 due to a significant health issue and we still miss it. This forum helps keep me connected! Ron
  2. Hionda CRV Toad Light Wiring

    Check the fuses in the owners manual. I know that Chev trucks have individual fuses in the under-hood box for each light/wire on the back of the vehicle. Wonder if Honda does too? Ron
  3. South Padre Island area CG

    Brownsville is on the Rio Grande. The Pecos flows into the Rio Grande many miles upstream at Amistead Reservoir. Ron
  4. Oops-never thought of that. I don't know how/whether the tow bake could work. Can you return it? Ron
  5. College Station Texas

    You drove right by a really good down-home restaurant/steak house on T 21 just north of the loop in Bryan. Sodolacks Beefmaster Restaurant. Always crowded. Ron
  6. The HydraBoost gets it's power from your power steering pump & it seems reasonable that it wouldn't need a vacuum connection as the tech said. Ron
  7. Since Toyota says it can't be towed, I'd direct this question to the manufacturer of the driveshaft disconnect. They should know. Ron
  8. Reminder not all RV parks want us.

    I find it interesting that some RVers don't seem to think that an RV park owner should have the right to make and enforce operational rules with respect to the park which they own. The thread topic could be Not all RVers Want to stay in Parks with Rules They Disagree With! Read the rules before checking in & if you don't llike em, move on. Ron
  9. Self adjusting trailer brakes...

    We had Dexter self adjusters on our first fiver & didn't feel that they worked eithee for adjustment or stopping. Swapped em out for the Dexter elec/hydraulic discs & was the best thing we ever did. Used a P3 controller & could stop on a dime. Ron
  10. Lippert Level Up problem

    Lippert leveling systems vary in design by rv type & manufacturer. On mine. - a 4 leg system, the valves were on each front leg for fronts & on the valve body for rears & slides. Tell Lippert that you need the "Lip Sheet" for your SPECIFIC rig. Diagrahms, photos, words & part numbers. Ron
  11. America The Beautiful Senior Pass

    For confirmation of the Access Pass rules I suggest that you call a NPS office & ask an official source. Ron
  12. Patriotism

    This thread seems. to have gotten out of hand and I, for one, appeal to the Moderators to lock it.. Bickering & backbiting is not "the SKP way". Ron
  13. RV suspension

    A friend priced morride w/disc brakes a couple of months ago at about $5000 Ron
  14. Hole in Gas Tank

    Auto parts stores sell stuff to fix 'em. Had a car several years ago that had that happen & got something from Auto Zone that fixed it. The fix was still holding after 6 years when I got rid of it. Ron
  15. Pressure valve water heat drips sometimes

    I think what you describe is the normal, intended function of the pressure valve. Opens to releive pressure & closes when it's done it's job. Ron