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  1. A factory option of an 'EMS' could also be a system that will turn off certain devices if you are hooked up to 30amp shore power and get close to pulling more than 30 amps. In my DRV, if I start to pull too many amps the system will shutoff the electric water heater and switch over to propane. If additional amps need to be reduced the refrigerator will switch over to propane also. The system attempts to keep from triggering the 30 amp breaker. I really like the system. Not very expensive.
  2. My 5th wheel has partial paint without clearcoat. Could have added clearcoat at time of purchase but decided not to. The gelcoat in spots is starting to fog and the paint has surface scratches. I am researching different polishing compounds and processes and would like to get some opinions from you. I will probably be buying a porter cable 7424XP polisher. It has received good reviews and I will also use it on the truck and to rub out some surface scratches on the Corian countertop in the coach. My confusion comes in which compounds to use. I am looking at the Meguiar's M4965 Marine/RV Fiberglass Restoration System but my concern is can I use it on the paint portion or just the Gelcoat? Should I use a car finish system like Meguiar Ultimate Compound and Polish Combo? Or something even more aggressive? Thanks Mike
  3. My head is spinning from reading this thread. :/
  4. Opps...Sorry. I posted this under the wrong section. Meant to put it in the Technical section.
  5. I am thinking of converting my 5thwheel and truck to these connectors. I have had issues with corrosionand connectivity with the common 7pin. Ezconnector.com Not cheap but look an improvement. Any opinions? Thanks M
  6. I was just on the Winegard site and they are showing an Internet WiFi extender called ConnecT. This is the first I have seen it. I will be purchasing a system and am leaning towards the Wifiranger SkyPro Pack at $449. The ConnecT is $549. Does anyone have experience with the Winegard system or have an opinion of the pros and cons by comparison? I did not see information on the length of the ConnecT exterior antennas. I am mildly concerned about rubbing them off on low hanging branches. The 5th is 13'2" at the highest. I would not be mounting it up front at the max roof height though. Also, I do not have a batwing antenna to mount an antenna. My batwing bit the dust and I am mounting an Automatic Rayzar in its place. Also2, I do not wish to use a flagpole for antenna mounting. I am not looking for killer range or speed. I understand the limit for speed and thruput is based on the connect i get in the CG or provider. Thanks m
  7. I never thought Airstreams were a very livable configuration. Beautiful and stylish but not for everyday.
  8. Bigjim, I have only had one theft. Also in Albucuerque. Parked in a municipal lot and walked through old town. Came back to the truck and they tried to take rear view camera monitor but it was hardwired and they couldn't get it. Did grab a small portable 12v compressors from the floor of the backseat. They pushed a screwdriver into the keyhole of the drivers door. Rarely have I ever felt uncomfortable but completely understand the original posters anxiety. Also another positive for the rv lifestyle. Not happy with where you are...move on to your next spot. No reason to stay. M P.s. Are we spelling that town right?
  9. I am glad you finally found the issue. Good to hear a success story! M
  10. Thank you for your replies. We have been traveling in Arizona and Utah and run into some very high pressure. The park I am in now requires regulators because of their high psi. I will reduce mine down to the 55-60 range. M
  11. I have been using an adjustable water pressure regulator which is compensating for the high psi I have been experiencing. My question is what is the appropriate setting? 45psi? 80psi? I am looking for the highest I can run without damage. Thanks M
  12. I did not realize there was such a debate about the benefits of covers. To review... Covers may have some benefits for tire longevity but minimal. Covers can improve astetics Love 303 If use it, apply to both side of the tire Never use anything. In my case, when setup my sides extend over my tires so I do not see them so the astetics is not an issue. I think I need to do more research. Thank you for all the opinions. M
  13. Thanks for the replies so far. I have a couple follow up questions... 1) I don't understand the comment about ozone. If I use a cover will the ozone still age my tires? 2) if I use 303, do I not need covers? M
  14. I am starting research on my first set of tire covers for my 5th wheel. About to spend $2000 on new tires and I want to make them last. I am replacing my current tires not because of wear but I am seeing slight cracks in the sidewalks. Tires are just short of 5 years from production. What features or brands should I look for in a set of covers? Thanks Mike
  15. I read an article this week about the development of a self-heating lithium battery. The enhancement entailed enclosing the battery in a foil and passing a current from the battery to the foil to warm the battery. I do not recall the details of the amount of draw on the battery but the article stated it was minimal. The heating would occur below 32f.