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  1. Hey guys,Back with a couple more questions concerning proper measurements. I am getting closer to being ready to place/install the 5th wheel hitch on our Freightliner FL60. We are removing the old service body that is currently on the truck and will be either cutting the frame rails or adding to them at the rear of the truck....whichever is best or necessary. The two dimensions I am hoping to learn are....1. what is the measurement from the center of the kingpin to the rear of most typical truck bumpers? I want to cut (or add) to the rear of the frame rails and add a bumper set up of some sort with a receiver2. what is the height from the ground to the top of the typical 5th wheel plate? I am trying to determine where the hitch will be placed on the frame rails...whether we will need to shim up or install below the frame rails.I hope my questions make sense. Thanks again, Phil
  2. Hi Glenn....I know I'm pretty maxed out already with just the Teton. Just trying to determine if I can get a small sleeper installed, or possibly some tool boxes. I don't really see trying to carry much additional weight when hooked to the trailer. This truck is going to be more of a work truck as opposed to towing the trailer alot. I think if we see ourselves moving around in the trailer alot in the future we will probably upgrade the truck then....get one of the big beast like you have
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. Now that you guys have given me the brand names of hitches to consider, my next question is does it have to be installed directly over the rear axle?....or can it be installed behind the axle? I know I can't go too??? far back and take the weight off the front end, and don't want to be unsafe. I know there has to be a math formula out there to help make this decision but I can't find one on the internet. My truck has a short wheel base and I am trying to think thru what my options are with the space. The 2000 Freightliner FL60 truck wheelbase is 138"....front axle is 8k pounds.....rear axle is 12k pounds.....I have approx. 72" from the back of the cab to the center of the rear axle. I know I have limited space to carry anything between the front of the trailer and back of the cab, that's the reason I'm thinking if I can set the hitch back behind the axle it will allow me more choices with the remaining space. The Teton is 24k and approx. 5k pin Thanks, Phil
  5. Thanks guys. Once I get the old service body removed from the truck I will be able to get an accurate measurement of the space to work with. The other question I have been wondering about is will I be required to install the hitch directly above the rear axle?....or will I have the ability with the 12k pound rear axle to locate the hitch behind the axle center?? The answer to this issue is going to help me decide what I want to accomplish on the flat bed. Phil
  6. Hey everyone, After alot of thinking/talking about MDT vs. HDT.....my wife and I decided to purchased a 2000 Freightliner FL60 to tow our 2008 Teton Reliance. We figured it would suit our current needs best and if after a few years we determine it is not enough truck we we upgrade. The truck will basically be a cab and chassis when we pick it up but will then need to consider a hitch....then probably fabricate a simple flat bed on the truck. Can point me to a couple hitches I should consider? Thanks, Phil
  7. ok....thanks guys....splitting the trailer in half (8'6" wide Teton is correct) is what I was thinking I needed to do minimum, but wanted to verify. So I'm thinking the sleeper concept is out and will just stick with original plan of a basic flatbed. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, I wasn't really sure where to post this question...here or in the MDT/HDT sections....hope it reaches the proper audience I am looking at installing a 5th wheel hitch on a MDT cab and chassis truck. Currently I have 72" from the backside of the truck cab to the center of the rear axle. I am trying to determine if I have adequate room to install a sleeper to the truck??? The truck is 20k GVW ....the rear axle is a 12k pound axle .... the front is 8k pound.....and the pin weight of my Teton 5th wheel is approx. 5k pounds. I was planning to install the hitch centered over the rear axle....but also curious if the truck is capable of allowing me to install the hitch slightly behind the rear axle if that will indeed give me the additional room necessary for adding a sleeper??? Any feedback is appreciated Thanks, Phil
  9. Your welcome MrSeas Thanks Jack...the G614's are what is on there now. And yes, for the near future the trailer will be stationary, moved occasionally. Our plan is in a couple of years to be when we hope to start moving around. That's the reason we are trying to get by with a MDT for now with the thoughts that once we become convinced we are being more mobile then move to a HDT. I can tolerate being slow on climbing some grades up, just need to know I can get up....and then safely down. And after towing my last 13-14k pound trailer with my current F350 I know I need something more with this Teton. Thanks, Phil
  10. Reliance Experience (I think is how they call it
  11. Yes in my search for this Teton I spoke to several owners who had done as you say....I was thinking when I get around to the tires on my "to do" list I would investigate the 17.5" rims. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Hi Jay....I honestly don't yet know what type of brakes are on the trailer....I need to crawl under the trailer and look. The man who delivered the trailer to/for us towed it approx. 1,000 miles and said they were wonderful brakes. As for the tires, they are 16" ....Goodyear LT 235/85/16 G rating .... date code is 3307 (still look new but need to be replaced before we start towing the beast around) Hi Greg....I totally get your comment, and if my finances were of such that I didn't have to gamble I would probably buy newer....but such has been my life's habit, I buy ten plus year old trucks and make the best of them. So far it has work with the last 5 trucks I have owned....somebody else's hand me down This FL60 I am looking at is not real purtty but seems to be very solid and I think will make someone a nice basic truck....and at $6,000.00 I am willing to risk a paint job and new tires. I just have to come to the conclusion it it enough truck to safely slide down the mountains if we travel out west. Thanks guys for all the feedback! Phil
  13. The truck does not have an engine brake....and I am almost positive it doesn't even have an exhaust brake. I do know if I do indeed purchase it I will install an exhaust brake. I had one on a 2008 Dodge Cummins 6.7 once and loved it. I know an exhaust brake is not as nice as an engine brake but I was thinking between the air brakes and exhaust brake it would probably be ok.
  14. Thanks again Jay. And yes you are correct, the cost of the truck is very appealing and makes it very difficult to walk away from. But I also don't want to rush into it and find out after the fact that I have purchased a truck that is going to disappoint if I get out into the mountains. I don't want to be going down the hills wishing I had a bigger truck
  15. Thanks Jay!...I appreciate your honest feedback.... I think it's exactly what I had already expected to hear. Seems I just have to determine what I can live with and what's important to me and then make a decision. Thanks again, Phil