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  1. Congrats Dune! We leave in 81 days, 9 hours and 19 minutes. Not that I'm counting.
  2. I'm interested I will contact you via PM.
  3. OK, this sucks. Go back to the old format.
  4. We are selling things, setting up garage and estate sales and intend to be out of Fayetteville, Arkansas by June 1st I think that is 86 days from now. Woo Hoooooo
  5. Yesterday I removed the ornate and rather restricting window valances from our Newmar Northern Star and then replaced the tail light bulbs on the coaches to LED. Talk about night and day difference. I also ordered a new Progressive Industries hardwired surge protector. It should be here Monday (tomorrow) and I will get it wired up. After that we are free to camp.
  6. I am looking for a USED tandem tow dolly. It must have hydraulic brakes and preferably a rock guard (the guard is not a deal breaker). Please contact me at drzcharlie@gmail.com.
  7. Nice looking rig.
  8. I worked on replacing a vacuum breaker on my black water clean out water circuit. What a pain in the arse. I also adjusted our bedroom sliding doors so that they are no longer tight at the top and have a 1 /12" void at the bottom. I replaced the windshield wiper blades and the driver side sprayer nozzle on the windshield wiper. I also permanently installed a water pressure regulator in my wet bay. You can see some of the repairs and mods as well as my musings on our blog: wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com (link below).
  9. Thanks everyone.
  10. We've got five months left in "Stick n Bricks," after that it's rubber and fiberglass. Let the adventure begin. http://wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com/?view=magazine
  11. A valid DOD card should get you in if she has one. Here are the regulations
  12. Rick, I love your tag line. I called the base in Key West to see if it was possible to get in next Thursday. I was told that I should call before we hit the causeway as sometimes there are very few there and sometimes they are in overflow. It's worth the gamble. Off we go. Thanks everyone.
  13. Bleach solution might work but I would be inclined not to do that just yet. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Hello all, I guess we also will be in the Class of 2017. We recently purchased a new to us 2005 Newmar Northern Star and have been "practicing" during the week of Thanksgiving. We head home to Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville - Go Hogs!) later today. On the 1st we head out for a month in Florida where we will stay at Ft. Pickens for two weeks then to Carrabelle Beach RV Resort for two weeks. Sadly we will then be grounded afterwards except weekends until June 1st, 17' when we hit the road full time. We sold our home five years ago in preparation for full time and June 1st is the day our current home lease runs out. We can't wait.
  15. Great stuff folks. Sorry I haven't checked in but we finally hit the road last week (temporary) until next June 1st, 17'. So far, we've been in places where our Galaxy S7's used as a hot spot have been working. We go to Florida on the first and will be camping at Ft. Pickens where internet will be spotty at best. My wife is off work for the entire month so internet connections aren't going to be as important there (for the time being). I still haven't made up my mind as to what we use for equipment as the decision has to be made with our budget in mind. In any case I need to consider this quickly so I can get things mounted, tested and ready to roll. Thanks to everyone for their input.