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  1. We have a 2014 Newmar Ventana 4369, if that possibly would be of interest to you, let us know. Thanks
  2. Nice looking set up Rav! Love the double awning, cute pup too!
  3. Congratulations Rav! Glad you found the one for you I hope by now you are both feeling better too. We are still sitting in Florida till the end of the month. As much as we have enjoyed it here.... we are itching to start our summer adventures!
  4. Replied with requested information
  5. 2 RV sofa beds for sale Newmar brand. They are coming out of a 2014 Newmar Ventana that was rarely used until we went full time in December. One is a Jack knife and the other is a hideaway. Both in excellent new like condition! They are a light tan color. Plether material. We are selling because we would prefer recliners and a fireplace. We not sure of there current value but we are open to reasonable offers. You can send me a message here for further information. We are currently in Central Florida. Edit: we are asking 500.00 for the jack knife and 600.00 for the hideaway. Better picture can be seen here.
  6. Congrats Gannett! where are you off to first? We are sitting in Florida waiting for the northern Temps to warm up so we can head north west for the summer.
  7. We are in Florida as well. Where abouts are you staying? I have heard Betty's RV park is nice.
  8. We are heading to Ft Myers FL for a slide repair, then back up to Bushnell FL to finish out December
  9. We are in route starting a new chapter
  10. Glad your having a good time. just keeping our fingers crossed that we will get out of Virginia after closing Friday before snow hits and we get stuck.
  11. Our daughter is aquiring our bed today, so we decided to move into the RV in a nearby campground. We go to closing on the house this Friday. So I suppose our full time status and anniversary date is officially today!? The RV is is a mess! So much unpacking and organizing to do!
  12. Lol, and we will be checking into summerdale on January 1st for the month. Passing ships in the night! Will anybody happen to be in Livingston in February?
  13. We were considering taking our S&B off the market but our realtor informed us that we could close on our home from wherever we are. They would have FedEx papers to where we are and signed in front of a notary and FedEx them back. Let us know when you are in the area and we will enjoy the wine. Big D stop by Bushnell if you get a chance
  14. X2 We have 43'DP with a blue ox and a Airforce One towing our Buick Enclave. I could never imagine not having our toad! We like to jump in the car and b bop around exploring the area.
  15. It's getting close to the end of the 2016 year. Can we get a roll call on everyone that has graduated or will be graduating before the end of the year? We will be officially full-time December 9th when we go to closing on the S&B. We will be heading to Ft Myers for a couple days to get a slide repair then back up to Bushnell for domicile business. In January we will be in AL, and February we will visit Tx. Will anyone else will be in the area? We will have wine to share leftover from my wine cellar as I was a winemaker. I will still be tinkering with small batches of winemaking in the RV when we are parked for a spell. So we will always be looking for taste testers