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  1. Just a follow-up to my post. Last week I had the Roadmaster steering stabilizer installed. The inprovement to the steering is very noticeable. I took it up on the interstate. 18 wheelers-- no problem. Grooved pavement-- no problem. Nice windy day , held its own. I highly recommend this product. Thank you
  2. I just had 6 new tires and a front end alignment done on my 2006 30' Gulfstream SunVoyoger. I'm thinking of having the Roadmaster Reflex steering stabilizer for class A installed. Has anyone had this installed on their MH. Does it improve the steering capibilite and overall handling? Sure would like to hear some feed back, pros & cons. Thanks
  3. I have a 2006gulfstream sunvoyoger 30' compartments are to small for a spare. Just had 6 new tires put on this week.
  4. Just when I thought winter was gone, Saturday the temp never got out of the teens. Far cry from the 70's last saturday. So I went to Campers Inn today and bought all the replacement LED lights for the interior of the MH. What a difference.
  5. I bought the re-stringing kit at the local rv store. I did the 4 cord shade. Make sure you follow the diagram that is layed out in the instructions. Just take your time and good luck.
  6. Thanks guys for the reply. Going to change the valve this weekend. That's what I like about this forum, always helpful advice.
  7. Last fall I winterized the MH. I kept the old anode rod in until I would change it this spring. I made sure the bypass lever was in the correct position before winterizing it, also drained the hot water tank. Went out to change anode rod today. Pulled the old one out and water & antifreeze came pouring out.Can't figure out what I did wrong. Checked the lever again, still in the bypass position. So any sugestions as to what I might have done wrong? Did not have this problem last winter. Next question, what should I use to flush out the hot water tank to get rid of the antifreeze residue? Thanks in advance.
  8. Living in Ct, we got hammered with a foot or more of snow. So up on the roof sweeping all that snow off, ready for round 2 tomorrow. Then fired up the generator with a load on it for about a hour. Checked the battery fluid levels. Fired up the propane furnace. Kicked back and relaxed and read my latest copy of MotorHome mag. Not a bad day.😆
  9. I like that cable and lock system, makes sense. The window bracket works great when I'm parked in a location that isn't facing south. I like to think that can trust most people, but maybe not.
  10. I also have the King Tailgater. I use the tripod and also bought the window bracket from Camping World. On a real windy day I'll use the bracket in the driver or passenger side window. I made a screen window insert to keep the bugs out when mounted in the window. When at a rv park I'll leave mine out on the tripod, no worries.Know your surroundings also, when in dault bring it in.
  11. Thank you all for your response to my spare tire topic. I guess at this point in time I'll hold off on buying the rack & Spare tire. I see the logic in not carrying one. I do have Good Sam ERS. I don't think I'll be in many remote areas at the beginning of my retirement travels. Thanks again
  12. Hi All, This spring I'm thinking of purchasing the roadmaster spare tire carrier. My compartments are to small to hold one. If I have a blow out I wouldn't want to pay the price that roadside asst. would charge me for one.This way I'll have the correct tire. I'm lookin to hear from people that have had them or have them. I'm interested in knowing the pros & cons of this unit. Thanks Bruce
  13. Well its getting to be that time that I should start looking for a toad that I can toll 4 down. Im currently driving a 2009 Ford Escape which I do not want to trailer it. My MH is a 2006 31' Gulfstream Sun Voyager with the workhorse chassia & 8.1 L GM Vortex V8. My personal preference would be a standard shift mini cooper. I believe my max tolling weight is 5,000lbs. I can't seem to find the info on what vehicle guide to use. Can someone lead me in the right direction? I'll be full timing in October of 2018. Still a lot of time left, but don't want to wait till the last minute. Thanks Bruce
  14. I have a 2006 Gulfstream Sun Voyager 8.1-liter GM Vortex V-8. 2 brand new house batteries, chassis battery is 95% charged. 2 weeks ago I started it to bring the slides in. Tonite I wanted to excerise it. Went to start it and only got a click when I turned the key. All lights came on but engine would not turn over. Now, I'm no engine rocket scientist, so could this be a bad starter or cellinode or is there something else I'm forgetting? Thanks in advance Bruce
  15. Hi all, 2 weeks ago I broke one of the cords on my day/night shade. I bought the re-stringing kit. Upon reading the instructions to re-string a day/night 4 cord shade, I'm thinking do I really want to attempt this project or just go buy a new shade. Camping World had the best price for a 59"width day/night shade $174.00. After looking back at the instructions, I'm thinking how difficult can this be.Re-stringing a 4 cord systems doubles your chance of making a mistake. Pay close attention to the way the cords are layed out.If you screw up, you'll know it when you re-stall the shade. Make a long story short, all went well, re-installed the shade, worked perfectly and I still have the $174.00 in my pocket. All's well