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  1. Congratulations on your graduation Kathie & Tom! We retire this DEC, and will be traveling to Alaska next year. We found out as we researched our trip, that campgrounds in very desirable places fill up quickly - sometimes a year in advance! So, you might want to consider (as we did) looking into long-range reservations to places you really want to visit. Especially in the Maritimes and popular destinations in the USA. For instance, if you are considering visiting the Florida Keys in Jan, 2018, you are probably too late-already booked! Same for a lot of the campgrounds on the Alaska Highway & on a lot of the popular routes through the Maritimes: reservations for this summer were made by a lot of travelers *last* summer! Not dissuading a go-with-the-flow, no agenda travel plan (we are doing this as well!!) Just suggesting that if a place you want to visit is a popular destination, you may want to consider making advance reservations and use that date range as a anchor around the rest of your footloose and fancy free travels
  2. I am doing that right now with my agent -- when I get the results in I will let the group know. I am really hoping that the numbers favor FL for a number of reasons, foremost of which is we currently live in AL and will be heading to FL in early JAN 2018 for several weeks so easy-peasy SBI's address (Green Cove Springs, FL 32043) address is supposed to be a "rural" address and they tout that this address has "the lowest insurance costs in FL." Will that offset SD vehicle registration for a big rig? I don't know, but I am a Operations Researcher and will run the numbers and let y'all know SBI Mail forwarding is slightly more expensive than FMCA's SD Post but, again, just another domicile variable in the calculus. Some have said that we are overcomplicating things - Mea Culpa! As I said, I am a research scientist, terribly anal, and like to know "what the data says" Hopefully when I retire in DEC, I can hit the 'flush' button and get this trait out of my system!
  3. Hmmm Looks like TechNomads were reporting issues in 2016 in Getting a DL - seems you have to register your car/RV first and then the FL DMV is not recognizing SBI as a valid physical address - wonder what is up with this? http://www.technomadia.com/2013/02/setting-up-domicile-in-florida-as-a-full-time-rver/
  4. Similar - a Berkshire XLT (Tag Axel) - 43' so, yeah, it's a beast
  5. Looks like 44320 - maybe I need to see what FL will charge for registration
  6. We are trying to decide between America's Mailbox and DakotaPost. Right now DakotaPost is edging out the others because it has a virtual mailbox [https://dakotapost.net/rates-services/virtual-mailbox] A handy feature that could save money by not forwarding all the 1st class (so much 1st class I JUNK these days!) Plus, if there is something no-kidding important in the mail, it's nice to know I can have it scanned and emailed to me by the next day. BTW I think I misspoke on SD - It is 5 years but I believe you can renew on line. Hmmm RMD, you make a interesting point! We will not be buying a new Coach for some time but it IS a heavy sucker! (Tag axel, GVWR at 56K IIRC) Maybe I need to investigate FL more closely....
  7. Believe the same is now true for SD - online and 10 years. I *think* Technomadia is switching to FL because of family ties and I think there is a conversion from RV to boat in their future (I could be wrong about the boat, so don't quote me) FL seems to have more insurance regulations (to protect seniors) - I have been told that some RV insurance plans will not insure and/or have higher rates for FL residents. We are coming up on decision time this DEC when we retire. Health insurance is a non-issue for us (we are retiring federal employees, so have nation-wide insurance). Would greatly appreciate a compare/contrast from folks who domicile in both FL & SD - our 2018 travel plans include stays in both FL & SD, so we can do whichever state best suits our needs. One final determinant: sensitive subject I know, but we choose to carry, so CCW rules and regulations (and reciprocity!) is important to us.
  8. Pricing is still unclear (no surprises there) I do not think the $45 line fee will be included - so it is going to be $80+fees+taxes. I suspect that they will offer a 'couples' plan similar to t-mobile - so 2 lines for $65/line I guess for the actual bottom line we will have to wait for the formal announcement and roll out from Verizon tomorrow
  9. JMCDSD, Welcome to the Class of 2017!!
  10. Thanks for the update NJTroy! Congratulations on going FullTime - that IS a milestone!! We retire at the end of the year and will make SD "home" in 2018 when we pass through the state in Mar or Apr. Before then, off to Florida for Dec-Feb!
  11. Oh yeah I forgot...when you are at the Owl Café, make sure you split a order of the Green Chilie Chees Fries too LOL!
  12. City of Rocks is *AWESOME* and you will love the Hot Springs in T or C. Suggestion: Drive @ 65 miles north on I25 and visit Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge - this time of year you will see everything from bald & Golden Eagles, Sandhill cranes, hawks, blackbirds, ravens, & coots. The mass ascension of THOUSANDS - really! of birds is a lifetime experience. Not to be missed - even if you are not a birdwatcher! After the Bosque, make sure you go have a green chile cheeseburger at the Owl Café in San Antonio, NM (really close to the Bosque.) It is a New Mexico Icon! AND it will be one of the best darn cheeseburgers you have ever had! If you want to overnight or stay a few days, the Bosque Birdwatchers RV Park in San Antonio is acceptable CG (it's not a resort, but an adequate CG). Try to get a site facing North - that way the afternoon shade is on your door side.
  13. Same Here! Um, well I usually skip the tea though
  14. Thanks everyone for reasoned commentary on what plans work best for you! Currently we are in the Catbird seat in that our contracts have expired with Verizon, and we opted to go to the Apple store and get the annual upgrade options for our iPhone 7s's so we can switch carriers whenever we want Since everything "just works" for us now I am thinking a wait and see attitude may be the best course of action. After all we do not retire and go fully mobile until December and who knows what infrastructure will be in place by then!? Chalkie, you make a VERY persuasive argument for T-Mobile and I may wind up exploring that option anyway - like I said in my original post we are pretty much tethered to Huntsville, AL for the next 11 months and T-Mobile is solid 4G LTE all around the area. Here is a question for those who use the T-Mobile Binge-on feature (and are on iPhones or other devices with an air play capability): Can you airplay your videos on your iPhone to your Apple TV hooked up to your main TV? This would be a awesome feature if you can!
  15. Just saw the new T-Mobile marketing campaign - the "T-Mobile One" plan. On the surface, it sounds like a absolutely killer plan. $70 flat rate (taxes and all other charges included) for one line, unlimited text/voice/data, coverage in Canada & Mexico (and Europe!) at no additional cost, 1 hour of free GoGo WiFi when you fly on planes so equipped, cellular over WiFi, so-called binge-on where a good number of the streaming video and audio services are independent of the data plan (which is good because they state that "During congestion top 3% of users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds" In fact, the per-line rate drops to $40/line for 4 lines or $60/line for 2 lines. Not bad - that is about 1/2 what our current Verizon plan is charging our family of 4. So, what's the catch? Well, coverage of course! So here is where I am reaching out to the community to open up a discussion. We are fulltimers but also are still working fulltime until we retire this December. Thus, it is tough for us to get a sense of where the holes in T-Mobile's coverage are (sure you can look at the coverage map but that thing is always notional) We are in Huntsville, AL and for where we are, the T-Mobile coverage is 5 bars (I have rented a T-Mobile hot spot to check this out and the service is very very good *in* Huntsville. When you look at the coverage map for AL however, you can see some pretty significant no-service areas. Also, when we retire in Dec, we will head for Florida - again it seems FL has really good coverage as well. The problem will be in March 2018 when we head north to join our caravan on the Alaskan Highway. When you get up to the SD/MT/ND areas, there are currently BIG no-service areas -- although if you want to believe T-Mobile, they are saying that by the end of 2017 they will greatly expand their network and currently they are at 99% of Verizon's coverage. When we lived in Germany, T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) was the best service out there - so now I am looking for opinions and hopefully actual usage reports on how T-Mobile stacks up to the competition (AKA Verizon).