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I wish I could buy an RV in the US and storaged it while I am here in Brazil

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Hello, My name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex, I live in Brazil and I'm working hard to be able to get a linear income that allows me to achieve my RV dream.


I wish I could buy an RV in the US and storaged it while I am here in Brazil. First of all I'll rent one to better understand how it works. Indeed I'd like to buy one RV Class C or Class A.


However I have many questions on how I could do this.

- How can I store it?,

- How can I keep it working when it's storaged?,

- Are there some company that can take care of the RV for me?

- It's possible rent my RV while I'm in Brazil?

- How can I contract an Insurance for foreigners?

- Motorhome + toad is it easy and essencial?


My goal is take a lot of trips for 2 or 3 months, on 2 different times on year.


I would love if you could give me some advice and tips on how we (foreigners) can do it.


Could you possibly share some videos or articles about it with me.


Best Regards


Thank you very much.

Sorry for my English I'm trying to learn.

Best Regrads


Alex & Lucy

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