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Connectivity Hardware Installed

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My internet connectivity hardware was finally installed today! Everything was mounted in/under the cabinet over the driver's seat. The Cradlepoint IBR600 router was hung beneath the cabinet - while the Weboost Drive 4G-X signal boost was mounted inside the cabinet. Both devices are connected to the vehicle's 12 volt power. An Antenna Plus MIMO (Cell/LTE/WiFi) antenna was mounted on the roof. All the cabling was run behind the panel. Here's a pic of the finished installation.


If I understand it correctly - the red lights on the signal booster simply mean that the "native" cellular signal is strong enough that a boost is not necessary - so the amplifier is simply not providing boost. When the coach was inside the shop - the lights were flashing red and green - which indicate that the amplifier is boosting at less than full power (again, because the "native" cell signal was strong enough that a boost was not necessary.


I'm happy with how the installation turned out ... it's both clean, functional and out of the way. I'm looking forward to getting the somewhere that the "native" cell signal is on the weak side so that I can see just how well the signal booster performs.



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I believe the red lights mean the outside antenna and the inside antenna are to close together and you are getting oscillation (interference) from them. This is not good and pretty much shuts down your booster on the bands which are indicated by the red. In your picture that is 2 different band. I am not sure if it is harmful to your booster or not but you will need to separate the indoor and outdoor antenna more or if the outdoor antenna is directional aim it in another direction. The 4G-X is more powerful than some of the other boosters and is really not recommended for RV for the reason you are seeing.



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Yes, the antenna's are to close together. I installed this system on my camper a few months ago and had the same problem. Called their tech support. The issue is this is a "vehicle kit" and it uses the metal roof of the car to isolate each antenna. Anyway, I ended up hitting the local welding shop, getting a 3X3 piece of sheet metal and securing it to the roof. I then put the magnetic antenna on that. Even with that I had to move it to the max length of the antenna cable and to the edge of the metal plate to get the separation I needed.

My advice is get a piece of sheet metal, go up on the roof and try some positions to get all green lights. Once you have that then secure the sheet metal piece up there.

Good luck


Oh and BTW the booster works INCREDIBLE. We've been in several remote places with 1X and it had boosted it to 3G no problem and with low 3G it's booted to LTE. We are very happy with it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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